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Hello, Friends! As the first full day of my vacation, today's post is a departure from my usual message of thriftiness. Extravagant generosity is on my mind and I am the recipient! Looking forward to the week ahead and reflecting on the previous evening, my heart is full of gratitude as I sit on the back porch with my brother Trey who so graciously invited me to share his family's vacation.  We are staying in a charming beach cottage surrounded by woods and minutes from the beach and picturesque town of Seaside. After settling in yesterday afternoon, we explored the local haunts deciding on The Great Southern Cafe for dinner. My meal consisted of fried green tomatoes and gouda cheese grits with blackened shrimp, which I shared with my sis in-law Sarah.  They say great minds think alike and we chose the exact same menu items right down to our mojito cocktail--those we did not share :)

Family beach vacation Seaside

After dinner we strolled on the beach wading in the water, my nephew Aaron squealing with delight. Precious moments and I am counting my blessings!

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  1. Enjoy every minute...and bring home a doggiebag :) sounds really good... You deserve the rest..(well Im sure rest will be involved at some point) Your generosity is being reciprocated :) Mary

  2. You so deserve this little respite. Time away to enjoy the sun, sand, good food and great family. Enjoy... Enjoy... Enjoy!

  3. So happy together! Love you sis!

  4. Mmmm... fried green tomatoes! A couple of years ago I visited my Grandma Dee and made a family recipe for fried green tomatoes with her. Grandma Dee loves them so while I took my first bite we created sweet memories :)

    Thank you for this lovely post, my friend. I'm so glad you shared it at Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  5. Have a wonderful time! Enjoy your week!


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