Mother's Day Brunch in the Garden

Greetings Friends! When I found out my Mom was coming to visit the week before Mother's Day, I knew I wanted to plan a  brunch in her honor. It would be a garden party and I would invite several friends. Of course I went to Pinterest to browse for menu ideas.   The first recipe that caught my attention was a Greek yogurt and berry parfait.  The picture featured pretty little glass parfait dishes and I knew what my next "hunt" would be.  As though I needed an excuse... 

Coffee mug mini bouquets

That very weekend, I stopped at a garage sale and was just about to leave empty handed when I spied something glass peeking from a shoe box. You guessed it--pretty little glass parfait dishes.  Eight Vintage parfaits in perfect condition for $5.00!  It is times like these when I restrain myself  from doing my happy dance in public.  However, I did chatter happily to the seller about my plans for the dishes until I could get to my car and let out my victory "Yessss!" 
Next, I was looking for simple coffee mugs for herb and flower arrangements for each of the Moms attending.  After looking at several of my favorite stores, I found some that were just right. I kept the brunch as a surprise for my Mom until the evening before. Besides the parfaits, I specifically chose recipes that could be prepared in advance. Simple planning allowed me to relax, enjoy the moment and visit with my guests. Mini omelettes baked in muffin tins, 

muffin tin mini omelettes

fresh fruit cups, 

Fresh fruit cups for garden brunch

and glazed lemon loaf were ready to be served, leaving only the lavender mimosas to prepare that morning.   Everything was going as planned until we had an unexpected cold morning in May!  I had originally planned it for 9:30 so it wouldn't be too hot--only in Texas! Fortunately my guests were flexible and at the rescheduled time of 12:30 the weather was picture perfect.  Best of all, I know my Mom and guests enjoyed being treated. 

My Thrift Store Addiction

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