Trader Joe's Haul Part 2: Friday's Find #374

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! As promised, today I'm sharing the second part of my haul from my very first trip to Trader's Joe's. Aren't their daffodils lovely? They are such a cheerful flower! Come see what else I found...

my fave's from Trader Joe's

I shared more of Trader Joe's flower selection on Instagram. Since I was using my gift card to splurge, I selected items that I might not find locally--mostly healthier snack foods in this second half of my haul. Dear Firstborn introduced me to the ABC bars, but the pepper cheese puffs are new to me and they are both delicious!

my faves from Trader Joe's

I have heard good things about this cold brew but I have not tried it or the cookie dough yet. I'll let you know soon how I like them! 

my faves from Trader Joe's

Last but certainly not least...honey mints! I have been hooked on these since Dear Firstborn put them in my stocking, but I will warn you they are addictive! 

my faves from Trader Joe's

Until next time, happy hunting! 
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  1. Cecelia,
    Loved seeing what you bought at trader Joe's...I have never been to one as there are none around here....Thanks so much for visiting again!!! i hope you are having a lovely weekend!! It is snow lightly here!! LOL!!


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