2014, I Am All In!

Happy New Year friends!  I guess most of us think of resolutions when the new year begins.  I started a new book by one of my favorite authors a few days ago.  I read several chapters in my first sitting and let's just say, I am inspired!  The book I am referring to is "All In" by Mark Batterson.  I have read several of his previous books and he is a master at thinking outside the box.  His insights always challenge me.  While the title refers to the decision to be all or nothing in our faith walk, it really got me thinking about daily life.  You know, the seemingly unimportant little tasks that comprise most of our days.  How will I choose to go about my day--whining and complaining or seeing the everyday miracles that I might overlook?  I know what I want my choice to be and I want it to permeate every area of my life--ante up, all in or not at all!
Recently I received some feedback on my blog from a professional designer and blogger I admire--as is usually the case, the spiritual seems to foreshadow the temporal!   As a relatively new blogger, I was encouraged by his positive comments.  Challenged by my 2014 mantra, I decided I would take his suggestions to heart and act on them!  In a sense I have been dragging my social media feet.  While I know that Twitter  is not just for celebrities, I have been resistant to say the least...  Like it or not, social networking has become not only advantageous to the small business owner, but necessary! Several years ago I conquered the dream of sharing my journey as a single parent in my first book.
It was quite a learning experience and blogging is a means for me to continue the journey.  I have purposed to launch 2014 with a new and improved blog design--complete with social medias buttons, thank you! All in! You will notice that some of my endeavors are brand new accounts so I appreciate your support and patience--I am definitely still learning! I have purposely omitted any new photos in the post today in hopes that you would take the opportunity to browse the new features.  I invite you to take a look and as always, I welcome your feedback!  Lastly, I would like to give a shout out to two bloggers who made this task manageable!  First, thank you Pam for giving voice to the exact frustration I was experiencing trying to install those silly buttons and for succeeding in finding the answer I spent the whole day researching!  God bless you Emily for simplifying the process and your awesome step by step video. I will forever be a fan! My fellow bloggers are simply the best!

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