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Hello Friends!  Have you noticed how stores market organization during the month of January?  The new year seems to bring in thoughts of fresh starts, clean slates and getting organized. As a rule, I am pretty organized.  I don't like clutter and if you were to drop by my house, more than likely it would be neat.  My challenge has always been my closets and cabinets--you know behind closed doors! In all fairness, I do not have a garage so my closets have to house all of my storage.  It can be a constant struggle to keep them under control!  What about your house-- have you caught the organization bug? I confess I have, but I will also confess that I seem to lack the ability to organize a specific space without making a huge mess as I am doing it!  Surely I am not alone here--maybe that's why we tend to procrastinate until we feel we absolutely must get things in order!  Such was the case with my latest project--here is the pretty after photo:

Repurposed storage armoire

Now what you can't tell from this picture, is that while I gave this armoire a much needed makeover over a year ago (!) it has taken me until now to finish the inside!  Better late than never, right?! So here is my formerly Pottery Barn black armoire after I gave it a driftwood inspired makeover--doors closed...

Repurposed armoire storage

Then here is the not so pretty, doors open picture, prior to its interior upgrade:

Repurposed armoire storage

Before painting the inside a soft gray to compliment the exterior finish, I played around with a combination of thrift store finds that would serve as my containers for organizing.  The wire containers are from the dollar store and the wooden crates are $8 at Home Depot.  Pretty much everything else pictured was a thrifted treasure, including the vintage tray from Italy on the left.  To my delight, it fit right inside the crate to form a shelf. 

Repurposed storage armoire

I gave the wooden crates a very light coat of white spray paint and allowed the armoire paint to dry overnight. Combining the old and new and using different textures adds my own sense of style and makes the space functional and pretty.  Here is a close up as I arranged and re-arranged for optimal organization. This armoire originaly held a television.  Now it serves as storage for surplus decorative pieces, some of my Etsy inventory and even a bowl of dried lavender--so it smells heavenly too!  If you scroll back up to the first picture, you will see my final result. 

Repurposed storage armoire

Has the new year inspired you to become more organized?  Are you like me and closet challenged?!  I would love to hear your ideas for a more organized home!

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  1. I have a HUGE armoire in my livingroom that holds a TV (and stuff) on top and decorating stuff underneath. Originally it had my china set underneath in our old apartment. I'm moving it into the Master bedroom when we finally get a flat screen TV. The top will have our old tv and the bottom I'm not sure. Thanks for the organizing ideas. I can't believe you got those crates for $8.


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