Friday's Find: Vintage Mixing Bowl

Hello Friends! Today's fabulous find is this heavenly Vintage mixing bowl I found in mint condition! I actually own the stand mixer for it and though I have similar mixing bowls also manufactured by Sunbeam Glasbake in the 50s, I have never come across this rare robin's egg shade beforeImagine my delight when I saw it waiting for me at my favorite thrift haunt!

Vintage Sunbeam Glasbake mixing bowl

The lovely color shows up better here and if you look closely,  you can also see the stamped marking on the bottom.

Vintage Sunbeam Glasbake mixing bowl

Perfect fit with my Vintage mixer-- always a pleasure to discover a find that complements a previous one! 

Vintage stand mixer

I would love to hear about your latest find--share the love!

Until next time, happy hunting!

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  1. ..I love love love the color of this bowl. What a find !! I also have that same mixer....scored at a local yard sale , for $6.00. :)


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