Not Your Momma's Garden: Creative Ways to Bring the Outdoors Inside!

Greetings Friends! I  am a southern girl. I do not do cold well and quickly tire of the long gray days of Winter--even our mild ones here in Texas.  I have found one of the quickest ways to beat the January blues is by bringing the outdoors inside.  Now to be honest, I normally tend to have better luck with things I can plant in the ground rather than typical houseplants.  However, by trial and error I have found a few "easy" indoor plants and flowers that are pretty and resilient. Combining them with thrift store containers provides an inexpensive, creative way to brighten your mood while also improving the air quality in your home--win, win! I thought I would share some of my favorites with you.  First, is cheerful Primrose.  It comes in an array of bright colors and I usually find it with the grocery store flowers; this one was $1.99.  It is easy to care for, just remove the blooms as they fade and be careful not to over water it. Here it is displayed in a Vintage tin with a collection of my thrifted finds.  

Creative container plants

A Vintage silver teapot makes a charming display for creeping fig. This plant thrives indoors as well as in the garden and is usually easy to find year round in plant stores. Its lush green appearance is an instant pick me upper.  

Repurposed vintage silver teapot planter

Meet Leonardo--isn't he divine?!  A recent clearance find, he displays more creeping fig.  I know you have heard me say it before, but I absolutely love the combination of whimsy and elegance!   

Statuary head vase

Planting bulbs in containers is a simple process that makes a big impact once they bloom. This is also referred to as "forcing" bulbs.  Just place your bulb(s) in a container and cover the very bottom including roots with small rocks or pebbles.  

Force bulbs

Next, sparingly cover the pebbles with water--that's it!  Place your container where it will receive some filtered sunlight. Again do not over water, just a little as needed to keep pebbles covered. I have planted Amaryllis; Paperwhites are also lovely.  In the past, when I plant in January, I have beautiful blooms before Valentine's Day!  

Forcing bulbs

Do you have favorite indoor plants?  Have you forced bulbs during the Winter months? Please share! 

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