Friday's Find: Books and Limoges!

Thank God it's thrift Friday, Friends! It's also the first Friday of the new year and after the dreaded task of storing all the Christmas decorations, I was ready to get my thrift on! I bundled up, de-iced the car and headed out!

Thrift store shopping

My first stop was at an estate sale, somewhat of a disappointment in both pricing and content. Not to be deterred, I decided to grab a hot croissant from the donut shop drive thru. As an added bonus, I ran into Youngest Daughter and Ginger Grand who showed me his new haircut and his doughnut as we briefly passed. They were headed to work/school but it was a pleasant surprise--the joy of small town living! My next thrift store stop turned out to be the best of the morning--half price that includes dishes (!) and a book sale.  Woo hoo! Book sales at thrift stores = Vintage treasures, if you are willing to hunt...and of course, I was! This Vintage reference book's unusual cover caught my eye.  It is over fifty years old and in mint condition.  The beautiful illustrations are frame worthy, plus it reminds me of another blog project I am planning, but more about that later...

Vintage books

I frequently use Vintage books for decorating and most I have sold on Etsy were used for styling bookcases or even weddings.  I was pleased to find these scarlet covered beauties; a charming collection when grouped together.  A few of these were published in the forties!

Vintage books

Now, you didn't really think I'd leave without at least looking at the housewares, did you?  I found these sweet Vintage plates, Haviland Limoges France--just two--to add to my collection for only $1 each.  Happy dance!

Vintage Limoges china

Do you appreciate Vintage books or share my obsession with pretty plates?   I would love to hear about your favorite finds! 

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