Antique Mall Bargains Including Vintage Postcards: Friday's Find #191

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Do you shop antique malls for hidden bargains? I know several bloggers who have booths at antique malls and I bet you know a few, too. I think at times there is a faulty assumption that items will be overpriced but that isn't always the case. This week's fabulous features are bargains scored at an antique mall that I visit occasionally. It's a favorite because some of the vendors offer prices comparable to those of thrift stores--it just takes a little hunting and knowing where to look. I adore vintage postcards and couldn't wait to tuck this pretty floral friendship card into a frame on my gallery wall, plus it's not the only one I found...

antique mall bargain vintage postcards

...I also brought home a pair of sweet Easter postcards.

antique mall bargain vintage Easter postcards

My favorite find from the antique mall is this vintage chalkware shepherd. It's very similar to the figures of my heirloom nativity set. I also have a different use in mind, coming soon!

antique mall vintage chalkware shepherd

You know I can't pass pretty vintage linens and this crocheted tablecloth is a beauty! 

antique mall bargain vintage tablecloth

Last, a beautiful vintage children's book published in the Netherlands in 1935. The title is translated Hans the Tower Crow and it is a picture card album.

Antique mall bargain vintage children's book

Most of the card spaces are empty, but the illustrations and cover alone were worth the price.
1935 vintage children's book

My Thrift Store Addiction

antique mall bargains

Until next time, happy hunting!

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  1. You found 2 of my favorite tHings! Love the post card such a pretty purple egg and sweet chick. Then, my favorite find the bird book! Beautiful pictures. Great finds.

  2. Hi Cecilia! LOVE those vintage finds! Especially the tablecloth and postcard book. If you can be lucky enough to find paper ephemera from the 20s to 30s, they are always interesting and pretty. I have a thing for vintage postcards too. You are so right about finding real bargains sometimes in antique malls. I've found that to be true too.

  3. I love the postcards! I almost never see those where I thrift. I do have that perception about antique malls and so don't go there looking for things to resell. I go to look for things for myself!! I recently found stuff to buy and resell at a good price at a local retail country store. Who knew?!

  4. The chalkware shepherd has stole my heart.

  5. You found some neat things.

    I do tend to stay away from vendor mall's and thrift stores during garage sale season. I adore old stuff, but can usually find it so much cheaper if we just get out and hunt garage sales.

    also, a lot of stuff that I buy is destined to be a mosaic. so I am looking for the broken or chipped item, they are a lot less expensive. I always tell people, I cannot pay a lot for something that I'm going to wack with a hammer.

    Happy weekend.

  6. The crocheted tablecloth is outstanding.

  7. What great finds! I especially love the book.

  8. I ALWAYS scope out antique malls to see if I can get a bargain to resell at my booth. Sometimes it's just because a dealer doesn't know what an item is (I find this with pottery and glassware a lot). Or maybe and item doesn't sell as well in their area as it does in mine, etc. It's a great way to get through the winter months here when garage sales, estate sales, and auctions are few and far between!

  9. Love the frame and tablecloth!

  10. What an adorable chick Easter post card! And right on time:) I love crocheted lace tablecloths as well. Sometimes I use them for things other than on the table. The shepherd is precious. xo Kathleen | Our Hopeful Home

  11. Great finds. I think Easter vintage postcards are about the most beautiful of all seasons. They are always so pretty.

    Have a great weekend!


  12. You are so right. Bargains are always to be found in the Antique Malls. You have to shop carefully to find the bargains. I found several bargains in my mall but I figured out which vendors priced favorably. Even though I don't have a booth there anymore I will still shop there.

    1. Thank you for sharing at the Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party!

  13. You found some awesome things. Can you imagine the work that went into making that tablecloth? I love your Easter post cards. I've got a collection displayed and it's one of my favorite parts of my Easter decor.

  14. Love the crocheted tablecloth...very detailed and feminine!


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