My Month in Numbers: February Edition

Hi there, Friends! Today's post is a departure from my usual. First of all, it's not a post about blog earnings or analytical stats--it's much more fun than that! When I read a post titled My Month in Numbers from Stephanie, blogger at Wife, Mommy, Me, I was intrigued and inspired. As I enjoyed seeing the numbers for the activities Stephanie chronicled, I imagined the events I might record. Come to find out, there's actually a link party hosted by Deena at Shoes to Shiraz--just in case you want to review your numbers and link up! So here's my version...

monthly review in numbers February
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9: Thrift Stores Shopped

If you've read a few of my posts, I'm sure you're not surprised--the small rural community where I live may not have a Target, but there is an abundance of thrift stores! All of the different stores I shopped were in a ten mile radius including the charming Cottage shop which is an outreach of the local Episcopal church. It was the first thrift store I visited when I moved here twenty eight years ago and is still a favorite. They also take consignments and this weekend I dropped off some clothes and household items and picked up the cash from my last consignment. 

The Cottage Shop Kerrville Texas

29: Pages Journaled

I keep a prayer journal, a habit I formed years ago, when I was being mentored by my dear friend, Dianne.  She recorded her own prayer requests as well as the needs of others and then followed up by dating answered prayers. I started my journal following Dianne's lead, and over the years have adapted my own journaling practices. As someone with a Type A personality, who comes from a long line of worriers, I have found it extremely therapeutic. When I am feeling overwhelmed or tempted to worry, I journal my prayers to my Heavenly Father. There is something about writing my thoughts down, that helps me to clear my mind and focus. Some days I might only write a verse that I want to meditate on during the day, or a short paragraph. Other days, I journal two or three pages. It also really strengthens my faith when I can look back over past entries and the prayers that were answered. Recently, when Carly and I studied Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst, and there was just so much rich content, I recorded highlights in my journal. 

Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst
{This book covers SO much more than the title suggests!}

My current journal is getting low on pages. I've got my eye on this one...

Proverbs 3:5 journal

...or this one! 

pink and gold journal

7: Times I Cried Watching This is Us {and loved every minute of it!}

I am in love with this show and pretty much everyone I know who watches seems to feel the same way. Honestly, it's so good I don't mind that it brings me to tears multiple times every. single. episode. I'm not alone there either, to quote a friend, "I cried like I knew the man and it wasn't a TV show!" If you watch it, you know exactly who she meant. In direct proportion to the inevitable tears are the sweetest endearing moments like the one pictured here. Did I mention the cast is perfection? Yep, I'm a total fangirl. If you haven't started watching it yet, be sure to start from the beginning--the first episode is a must-see. {All episodes are available on

NBC photo This is Us

16: Blog Posts

This month's posts included four each of Friday's Find and the Vintage Charm party, two each of The 15 Minute Fix, Valentine and home and garden projects plus one DIY and one recipe (and a partridge in a pear tree!) So far, February's most popular post was the 15 Minute Heart Wreath. Did you have a different favorite? 

15 minute Floral Heart Wreath

8: Chats with Ginger Grand

I miss my Colorado kids dearly and would love to talk to that sweet boy every day, but by the time Youngest Daughter gets him home after she's coached all day, and they get dinner and his bath, it's usually bedtime so most of our chats are on the weekends. Whether we Facetime or chat, our conversations are the highlight of my day and he always makes me laugh. You can see from the wish on his drawing below that he's a boy after my own heart ;)

Ginger Grand's art

3: New Silas-isms

These are the sweet and funny little comments that I record from our conversations {or those retold from his Mommy.} 

 I think you love me as much as...a giant is big!

...and I'm so proud of YOU!

Mommy, what's a bachelor? Oh so I'm a little bachelor and when I grow up I'll be a real bachelor. 

Youngest Daughter gave me the best book for remembering these precious quotes. It would make a great gift for any grandparent or new parent. {See links at the bottom of the post.}

My Quotable Grandkid journal

24: Zumba Workouts

What can I say--Zumba works for me! The workouts feel more like dancing than exercise though you'd never know it by the calories burned and I love the convenience of using the DVDs at home. Apparently, I'm in good company ;)

 10: New Etsy Listings

Two new listings for Secret Garden Herbs and...

Organic Purple Basil seeds

Vintage floral platter

50: Dollars Earned from Ibotta

Not bad, considering I shopped less this month and this was earned from my grocery purchases alone. This is by far, the simplest way to earn cash back on anything from groceries to crafts. Plus you can earn $10 just for trying it--get the app here!

Ibotta app

So there's my month in numbers! If you'd like to share your month in review, click on this image. The link will be live Monday, March 6. 

Month Review in Numbers

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  1. A different kind of "numbers" post and I like it! I am going to go find that book.

  2. Oh, I am so addicted to This Is Us too!! Interesting review of numbers.

  3. I like this and think I'll do a numbers post too.

  4. This is fun!! I'm right there with you on This is Us. I sit in awe that a television show can be so wonderful.

  5. Fascinating, Cecilia :) I'm a long-time journal-lover, too. And This is Us is our current favorite--fantastic [and addictive] show!! Have a great week, friend--

  6. This is a fun record of "stats", Cecilia. I love that journal to keep track of your grandson's quotes. And that pink and gold journal is gorgeous! This Is Us is a fantastic show. I'm so thankful there is now something to replace "Parenthood" for me.

  7. Who wouldn't want a chocolate castle?? Also, I don't think I would be able to handle This is Us. We watch so many other shows....

  8. Great stuff! I love This Is Us. I used to keep journals growing up but now I just blog. :) You earned a ton on Ibotta! I rarely earn very much but I like watching it add up over time.

  9. I looks like a great month! I'm SO behind on This is Us because my eyes are irritated from allergies and I've been trying not to cry to further irritate them.

  10. I love This is Us so much and need to get caught up. And Zumba is my jam. I do it every morning before my kiddos get up. It's so much fun! :)

  11. I totally miss thrift store shopping! I haven't done it in a long time!

    Can you believe I haven't watched This is us? I hear it's so good!

  12. I need to check out ibota. Sounds like something I would use daily. I cried at This is Us so much lately. Love that show and can't wait for tomorrow's episode.

  13. Cute idea for a blog post and link up! I too LOVE This is Us! Too bad it is on while Fixer Upper and The Voice is also on!

  14. What a totally fun post!! I loved reading this. I need to go back and check out a few more things in detail...

  15. Enjoyable post Cecilia. Now that I look back, I wish I had written a journal years ago. My daughter would have appreciate it. She even bought me a nice journal, but I never took time to write in it. I feel sorry that I didn't.

  16. What a fun post -- love the numbers concept! You sound like my kind of girl with both your love of thrift and This is Us...

  17. I'm totally with you for This is Us cry-fest and zumba booty shaking-love. Thanks for linking up; it's so nice to meet other bloggers!

  18. Such a fun idea! And that's a lot of blog posts! I always cry during This Is Us too!

  19. Those zumba workouts are at an impressive #!

  20. What a fun and different game! I'm with you on This Is Us, it's one of the best shows on TV. I've been using Ibotta for almost a month and it drives me crazy because I have to file a help ticket almost everytime because my receipt isn't captured. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, have a great weekend.

  21. Isn't this fun! I've never seen this before! Love it! Thank you for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It!


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