Tortellini, Spinach & Mushroom Soup: A Healthier Version!

Greetings Friends! I made a new soup this weekend and it's a keeper!  After my recent holiday indulgences, I decided to adapt a recipe from Pinterest to make it a little healthier. The original was actually very similar to a recipe posted in a previous comments section by Mary.Mimi.  So here's to you, Mary! There seems to be several versions--the one I linked includes sausage.  My vegetarian option adds lots of fresh herbs and does not skimp on flavor. Plus, it has less fat, fewer calories, and is delish!  Of course it is a crock pot recipe--you know I love me some crock pot soup!  All you need is four cups of chicken broth, one can of fire roasted tomatoes, one bag of frozen tortellini and one bag of frozen spinach; I used a Central Market blend with garlic and porcini mushrooms.  Yum!  Last, I added a handful of fresh Oregano from my garden and cooked it on low four hours.  

Crockpot tortellini spinach and mushroom soup

I cannot describe how awesome my kitchen smelled while this cooked! Opting for healthy, I omitted the block of cream cheese the original recipe added.  However, if you prefer a creamy soup, Greek yogurt has a comparable texture and is a healthy substitute, really! Simply stir in a spoon or two as it is served.  Pictured is my first bowl for lunch; yogurt free. For my dinner bowl, I stirred in a spoon and it was extra tasty! My recipe makes 4-5 servings, approximately 320 calories per cup serving.  

Tortellini spinach and mushroom soup

I would love to hear from those of you who also enjoy changing up recipes to make them your own.  Share the love!  

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