Friday's Find: Jadeite Vase

Greetings fellow thrifters! It's my favorite day of the week and I am excited to share my latest fabulous find!  I grabbed this gorgeous Jadeite vase from an estate sale, thinking it might be a reproduction. I assumed this for two reasons.  First, although I collect Jadeite, I had not seen one like it before.  Second, it was not marked on the bottom; usually Fire-King is, but not always. Guess what?! I assumed wrong!  With a little research I learned that it was manufactured by Fire-King in the 40s and that I really did get a good deal! Happy dance! Of course, my newest pretty is right at home among my collection.  

Vintage jadeite vase

From the kitchen and on to my living room, I love the splash of the green vase against Vintage silver--also thrifted! As an enthusiastic gardener, I can always make use of another vase for flowers or herbs, but....

Vintage jadeite vase 

Then again, it's always fun to use a thrifted vessel other than its intended use!  Which do you prefer?

Vintage jadeite vase

Grouped with the collection, as an elegant accent against the silver, or repurposed as a Vintage office caddy?   I can't wait to hear your comments! 

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