Beautiful Bedding: Thrift Store Prices!

Hello Friends! It's January, that time of year when many retailers feature linen sales.  Let's face it--nothing says "Home Sweet Home" quite like comfy bedding, but you don't have to spend a small fortune!  While I would not recommend purchasing mattresses or the pillows you sleep on from thrift stores, most everything else I use in my four bedrooms have been estate sale or thrift finds.  Once purchased, I carry them from my car directly to the washing machine.  Throw pillows are sprayed with my organic linen spray, placed inside a pillowcase, and run through a dryer cycle.  Natural sunlight is also a great way to disinfect items you might not want to put in the dryer.  Check out these lovelies--all thrifted finds!

Thrift store vintage linens

 I use Vintage pillowcases not only on my bed pillows but also to cover throw pillows, like the one pictured below on the right.  It fit perfectly; no sewing required!

Vintage linens
This gorgeous chenille bedspread was brand spanking new and I scored it for $7 at a yard sale!  
Vintage linens and bedding

More Vintage pillowcases arranged on my bedroom chaise for instant charm and comfort.

Vintage linens

This pretty pink coverlet cost me all of $3 from my local thrift store and is the perfect combination paired with my snuggly light weight comforterWhile the comforter is not a thrift find, it is a great all season comforter and is currently on sale--any size for $40!  With the reasonable shipping, it is the best price I have seen.  I have had mine for over a year and have been extremely pleased with the quality!  Finally, are my silk flower embellished pillows. I made the floral one and trimmed it with thrifted Vintage lace.  The velvet pillow was a $3 clearance find. Then, I simply hand sewed dollar store flowers onto both pillows.  Trust me, if you can sew on a button, you can tack a flower to a pillow!   

 Vintage linens and bedding

When it comes to bedding, do you have a comfy favorite that you cannot do withoutDo tell!

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  1. Gorgeous thrift finds,.......and your bedspread was a bargain....HPS Michelle


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