The Thrifty Way to Declutter! Part 1

Greetings Friends! If you're like me, thoughts of the new year are accompanied by the desire to declutter and become more organized.  The task can be daunting--where to start and how? It has taken some time, but I've conquered clutter throughout my home and today I'm sharing tips that worked for me...

The Thrifty Way to Declutter Part 1 Organize an armoire with thrift store baskets for extra storage

Keep in mind that it took me the better part of the year. It could certainly be done in less time but I recommend breaking the challenge down into manageable tasks--a closet, some drawers, a pantry.  If you are the person that can organize your whole house in a weekend, I am impressed--I am not that person!  This time last year, I started freshly inspired by a new year and determined to downsize and organize my Christmas decor. Remember, I don't have a garage or basement so most of my Christmas storage is in a guest bedroom closet.  My first tip for organizing anything is to get rid of what you are not using! For years, I held onto boxes that I didn't even open for several seasons--not anymore. Now I keep only what I use and a few things that hold sentimental value.  Also, now is the perfect time to find clearance Christmas paper to wrap cardboard boxes for a pretty storage solution. See more details here. 

The Thrifty Way to Declutter Part 1 Organize Christmas storage

Everyone I know has or has had one at some point or another...the junk drawer! Let's face it--most of it is junk! Some of it needs to go and with a little creativity, some could be stored elsewhere. In my case, I was using two drawers for flatware, utensils and junk. By getting rid of excess and storing frequently used utensils in a pitcher on the stove, I emptied a drawer for needed space. Consider the most functional use for the drawer and make it work for you.  I used thrifted trays and baskets for organizing and now my former junk drawer stores the supplies I need for processing Secret Garden Herb orders.    Get the details here!

The Thrifty Way to Declutter Part 1 Organize the junk drawer

Update your storage to reflect your current needs.  For example, this armoire originally held the family television.  With my nest empty, I found it more convenient to move the TV into my bedroom.  I gave the inside of the armoire a fresh coat of paint to match the exterior I'd made over several years ago and organized with thrift store baskets and crates to provide easy to access storage with the option to close the doors.  It's the perfect place for housing fragile decor when I'm not using it on my mantel or dining table.  See the makeover here.

The Thrifty Way to Declutter Part 1 Thrift store baskets line armoire for creative storage

Here's another example: Once upon a time, the embarrassing out of control before was an organized sewing closet. Fast forward to an empty nest, fewer sewing projects and DIY and Etsy inventory demanding their own room. Unfortunately the closet became a junky catch all but I was determined to give the space a happy ending. This was a huge project and I worked off and on for several days.  Now the space is a functional office nook for shipping Etsy orders. I got rid of a ton of stuff--see details here!

The Thrify Way to Declutter Part 1 Turn a messy closet to office nook

I hope you've been inspired to clear some clutter.  In Part 2, I'll be sharing tips on how I resale, recreated a pantry, seriously purged my clothing closet and made my tiny laundry room beautiful and functional! I would love to hear your tips for conquering clutter--what works for you?

The Thrifty Way to Declutter Part 1 Click here to see where I party!

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  1. Thanks so much for dropping by and for your kind comments!! Soon I will be posting what my One Little Word for 2016 is so I hope you can visit again if you have time!!


  2. Great ideas. Organize your home in a weekend...hah,never ever could I do that. I'm a work in progress. I have downsized a lot this past year and I know that 2016 will find me doing even more of that and I really crave a less cluttered home. Thanks for the great tips.

  3. I am the queen of decluttering. It's hard to do with my family at home...I put things in a donate pile and they take them out! They "need this mom" and while I am trying to limit what comes into the house, teenagers tend to be the ultimate consumers!! ;)

  4. I have to admire you Cecilia ... no garage and no basement for storage, you are doing a great job. I am trying to downsize and get rid of clutter too, but so hard to do even with all the storage room that I have. I am working on it, I promise.
    Happy 2016.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  5. I'm two steps forward four steps back. TOO Much STuff!!

  6. I am not good at getting rid of stuff but I can straighten it pretty good! I am doing one area at a time. Great tips to follow....thanks!

  7. Your post inspired me to convert my old tv cabinet into storage. I haven't had a tv in there for a while so it is just wasted space. Thanks for the inspiration! Sb

  8. Awesome post Cecilia--you've inspired me! I'm going to start with my Christmas decorations and see how far I get :)

  9. What a constant challenge! We moved into our house almost 4 years ago and several of the closets are exactly as they were when we got here - crammed full! That's one of my resolutions for this new year. From the outside of our house everything looks perfectly spic and span but behind the closet doors it's dangerous!

  10. I love what you did with your closet turned nook. Excellent use of space!

  11. Be still my heart! Oh my goodness! Love all your white. I will certainly be following you and gathering (copying) ideas.

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