Friday's Find: Vintage Favorites

Happy New Year! It seems fitting for the first thrifty Friday of the new year to share my favorite vintage finds from years past. Since many of you started following my blog in 2015, I thought you might enjoy seeing selections from my archives...

Friday's Find Thrifted Vintage Favorites


My first vintage typewriter, a 1959 Smith Corona, from my favorite thrift store's parking lot sale cost me a whopping .25!  You can read more here.

Friday's Find  Vintage Favorites .25 thrift store typewriter

This $10 thrift store dresser was a huge makeover challenge!  If you look closely at the bottom of the before picture, you can see crumbling parts that required extra TLC. Perseverance paid off and today it is a treasured piece that displays family photos.  See the labor of love here.

Friday's Find  Vintage Favorites  $10 thrift store dresser

When I first found this comfy chair at an estate sale, it was used in a guest bedroom. Since then, it has spent time in the living room and eventually moved to my bedroom where it received a lacy upcycle with thrifted vintage linens I've collected.  See more here.

Friday's Find Vintage Favorites Estate sale velvet chair makeover


I still can't believe I found this fabulous Samsonite luggage set for $4 at a yard sale! With two Etsy shops and no basement or garage, I use vintage luggage to store most of my inventory. See my yard sale adventure here.

Friday's Find Vintage Favorites  $4 yard sale Samsonite luggage

I am sure most of you have met Rosie, the vintage sofa I finally found in practically perfect condition, after years of searching. She is truly one of my favorite vintage finds.  Read more here.

Friday's Find  Vintage thrift store chippendale sofa


Who knew that just a little less than a year later, I would find another sofa for $10 at a yard sale! This one definitely needed some vision and lots of work--my first experience painting upholstery.  Now she complements Rosie beautifully and has been dubbed Eliza Doolittle by Bridgette who suggested the name via comment, for the character who was transformed in My Fair Lady.  Thanks Bridgette, you clever girl! Get the details on this rescued reject here.

Friday's Find  Vintage Favorites  $10 yard sale sofa makeover

Last but not least, is the jadeite and pie bird I brought home from my trip to Texas Antique Week, last spring.  See the rest of the trip's eye candy here!

Friday's Find Vintage Favorites Jadeite and pie bird

Can't wait to see the treasures 2016 will bring ~ Until next time, happy hunting!


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  1. What a great year of thrifty finds! Love that pie bird.

  2. Cecilia ... You are really the best thrift shopper that I know. I can't believe you found that typewriter for 25¢. That is why we keep going back to those sales.
    Happy 2016
    Audrey Z.

  3. A typewriter for 25 cents? That's unbelievable and it's in great condition. All your thrift finds show that if you keep searching you will find that hidden treasure :)

  4. Wow! You found some great treasures!! Happy New Year and more thrifting!

  5. Wow! Great finds all but I Love the luggage, just beautiful!

  6. Wow, you have found some fabulous items! I especially love the suitcases and the transformed sofa! Just went thrifting the other day and I have to sort through my treasures still to share them.

  7. You've had a lot of wonderful finds, Cecelia! Looking forward to 2016's finds!

  8. You have an eye for the best finds! I am smitten by both of those sofas! Well done on the last one! I hope you have a great weekend!

  9. I need to go junkin' with you! 25cents for that typewriter? I found one for $5 and thought that was a bargain. Love the suitcase set and all your transformations too. Thanks for sharing at Talk of the Town.


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