Friday's Find #131

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! It's time for this week's fab features.  You know I am an absolute pushover when it comes to vintage linens and when I saw this sweet embroidered tablecloth, it made me think of a pretty Valentine's Day table setting.  I'll be sharing one soon, but for now come see my other treasures...

Friday's Find #131 Fabulous finds of the week including this vintage tablecloth.

I love boxes that double as decor and storage like this cute one with its heart and music note pattern.  I've already found the perfect place for it. 

Friday's Find #131 Fab thrift store features of the week: heart and music note box

The Valentine's Day box theme continues with this lovely handmade pink ceramic heart.  Available.

Friday's Find #131 This week's fab features just in time for Valentine's Day.

I've always admired stained glass and was drawn to the unique checker board design on this heart. Available.

Friday's Find #131 This week's fabulous features including a vintage stained glass heart.

Last, I had to share an unusual estate sale find.  I've mentioned before that I've done Zumba for several years.  I use the workout DVDs and usually buy them gently used. You'd be surprised how often people purchase them and then don't use them, which results in great discounts for me.  Back to the estate sale, I prefer to go on Fridays when the selection is best but occasionally will return on a Saturday in hopes of getting a half price deal.  I saw this Incredible Results set including the step thingy for $15 on Friday, which honestly is quite a bargain, but in this case I decided to take a chance that it would still be available on Saturday. Finding a Zumba workout was an estate sale first for me, and my hope was that it was something most shoppers would pass by.  So...I got there when the sale opened Saturday and scored it for $7.50! Best price I've ever found on any set--happy dance! The current retail price is $60 and while it is possible to find it slightly less on eBay, you never know if the DVDs will be worn and scratched.  These are like new and I've already given them a spin! 

Friday's Find #131 Zumba set scored at an estate sale!

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Until next time, happy hunting!

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  1. What fun Valentine items...the stained glass heart caught my eye immediately. Thanks for sharing your finds with us today :)

  2. Great finds. Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo Su

  3. You got a really good deal on the Zumba workout program. The embroidered tablecloth IS sweet. I am thinking embroidery is becoming a lost art.

  4. You found some fun stuff. What a great score on the Zumba stuff.

    xo Dianne

  5. You scored some winners and timely for February and Valentine's day, too!

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing your Valentine's table setting, Cecilia! Have a great week!

  7. I love all your heart goodies but that vintage embroidered tablecloth is so lovely. Audrey is right embroidery is becoming a lost art.


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