How to Create Seasonal Vignettes with Vintage Collections

Greetings Friends!  There are a few places in my home where treasured vintage collections are on display year round.  Even so, I still enjoy changing things up a bit and adding seasonal accents...

How to Create Seasonal Vignettes with Vintage Collections Jadeite, Fire-King and vintage valentine postcards

My jadeite collection is the focal point of the kitchen and I can't imagine ever storing it...shudder... in the cabinets! On the other hand, I do love to create little vignettes according to the season.  As I mentioned at Christmas, I find red complements the green glass so I've had fun adding an assortment of valentines.  Don't you love the red dot bowl with the vintage valentines? Like jadeite, it was manufactured by Fire-King. The bowl is one from a set I thrifted and shared in an early Friday's Find feature. The little red keys are more clearance napkin rings and I thought they were perfect for Valentine's Day.  I've used these as mini easels for valentine postcards.  See how I repurposed other clearance napkin rings here!

How to Create Seasonal Vignettes with Vintage Collections Vintage jadeite and cakestand display vintage valentine postcards

There's a Mary Engelbreit tin I've had for ages and tiny bear holding a valentine--both make me smile. The tin reminded me of Favorite Son as a toddler and now with the family resemblance, Ginger Grand.  The bear is a mini replica of Rupert, the very first gift I gave GG.  The much loved teddy is still his companion. 

How to Create Seasonal Vignettes with Vintage Collections Vintage hankie and valentine tins

A thrifted vintage scale holds a recent find,

How to Create Seasonal Vignettes with Vintage Collections Vintage scale and valentine postcard vignette

a handmade tin heart and another valentine postcard.  

How to Create Seasonal Vignettes with Vintage Collections Vintage scale and valentine vignette

You can see most of my vignettes are styled with thrifted finds I've collected over time.  


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  1. Love how red and Jadeite work so well together ... well, almost anything is pretty with Jadeite. Glad you have a nice place to showcase it year round. Love the red dot bowls and your fun Valentines.
    Audrey Z.

  2. That polka dot bowl is just so fun!!

  3. Love the red polka dot bowl. And I always love vintage postcards. Have several my grandfather sent to his sweetheart :) and they are fun to put out. The red does look good with your pretty jadeite.

  4. So many colors work well with Jadeite but red is one of the best. I have a modest collection of a few plates, a set of mixing bowls and a cake plate. It has gotten so expensive my collection is growing very slowly.

  5. Wish I had your Jadeite! I've also become interested in vintage Valentine cards this year. I've seen a lot of them lately in blogland....yours are darling. And I couldn't help but notice your arrow banner! xo Kathleen

  6. This is so charming, Cecelia...and I love the color combination!

  7. Very pretty! I love to look at your vignettes because I don't do much decorating for Valentines Day.

  8. Love the bowl , your jadite and the vintage Valentines!! So pretty!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  9. Hello,

    I came to your blog from Roses of Inspiration.

    What fun this post is! It makes me want to create a little happy display of my own. Yes, I love the red polka-dot bowl, especially in contrast to your lovely jadeite.

    I now shall pop over to see your Fall Tour and your Jadeite Obsession.


  10. The little Sweetie Pie tin of Mary Englebrit is so cute and the tiny bear in the fluted tin also is adorable
    I don't want to talk about jadite, I sold most of mine last year

  11. Oh, I love that jadeite. Gorgeous! We had a few pieces in our summer cabin when I was growing up. Hope they are still around somewhere!

    And the tiny bear holding the Valentine ... I have one just like it, only he is holding a red heart.


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