The Thrifty Way to Declutter! Part 2

Happy Wednesday Friends! Conquering clutter in my little nest has been a process.  In Part 1, I shared tips for downsizing Christmas decor, making a junk drawer functional, converting a cluttered closet into an office nook and recreating an unused armoire as stylish storage! Today the journey continues...

The Thrifty Way to Declutter Part 2

You may be wondering what I do with the stuff once I declutter.  I make 3 piles: resale, donate and toss! Years ago, I found these chairs at a yard sale, brand spanking new and paid $20 for the pair. After using them for several years, they were still in excellent condition and I resold them on my community Facebook garage sale for $50!  When it comes to resale, don't forget to check local consignment shops.  For donations, remember to get a receipt for a tax deduction.  See more resale tips here.

The Thrifty Way to Declutter Part 2 How to Resale

When I got serious about conquering clutter, I was freshly inspired when the new year began. However, after I completed the projects shared in Part 1, and it got warmer outdoors, I got busy in the garden.  It wasn't until July that I realized the year was more than half over and I still had areas that really needed attention--the worst being my laundry room. The room is tiny to start with and since it is right off the kitchen near the back door, I was constantly battling to corral the clutter. I'd do my best to organize it and few months later, it would be a mess again.  I finally realized that the pattern was going to continue unless I seriously downsized, so I did.  This soon turned into one of those projects that just kept growing.  When I was organizing I decided to repaint one set of shelves...and then the other...and when those were freshly painted the walls sure looked they were painted and then that single counter top was begging for a makeover! Before I discourage rather than motivate, let me say while it was the biggest project of the year, the results were well worth it!  See for yourself and get more details here.

The Thrifty Way to Declutter Part 2  Laundry Room Makeover

Another frequently used, yet neglected space that needed attention was my pantry.  I used thrifted vintage vessels for storage and cheerful retro oil cloth as shelf lining.  This project was one of the most viewed of the year.  Read more here.

The Thrifty Way to Declutter! Part 2  Vintage pantry with thrifted finds

Finally, I tackled a chore that was long overdue--my master bedroom clothes closet.  By this point, the holidays were approaching and I was determined to complete the task before it was time to decorate.  For the first time, I grouped by color and what a difference it has made! See my ruthless closet purge here

The Thrifty Way to Declutter!  Part 2 Closet organization

I hope you have been inspired to declutter your nest ~ every little bit helps! Is January a time of downsizing at your house? I would love to hear what motivates you! 


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  1. Seems like we're all into decluttering. I'm tackling my spaces too. Ugh! How'd I end up with so much stuff? The get rid of pile is growing! Thanks for the tips!

  2. I haven't even put away the Christmas decorations yet! Each year my intent is good, but the outcome is not always so good! I'm so impressed by your motivation. I have the same laundry room problem, small and gets cluttered so quickly! My dream is to revamp it some day. After the kitchen, and the living Enjoy your great, organized rooms! xoKathleen

  3. Great ideas! My biggest problem area is the garage, it's a never-ending battle to keep things organized and I never win!

  4. I have a hard time with the tossing when the stuff is still pretty good. What do you do with clothes that are not quite good enough to donate for resale but are not bad enough to toss??

  5. You have really accomplished a lot this year. You are an inspiration. I have been doing some cleaning, but don't think I have gotten rid of the clutter. At least I can get in my office walk-in closet.


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