How to Resale: Cash for Clutter!

Happy Wednesday Friends!  As an avid thrifter, my posts are usually from the buyer's perspective--fabulous finds and creative ways to use them in your home and garden. However, every house needs a little purging now and then. We all want more organized, less cluttered spaces but what do you do with the stuff? Today I thought I would share from a seller's point of view.  Do you find it a challenge to get rid of an item that is gently used because "you might use it someday" or lament giving away something because of the money you spent on it?  Did you know you might have some cash hanging in your cluttered closet at this very moment?  Recently I made over a hundred dollars when I cleaned out a few closets! The cash came from a combination of resources: online garage sales, consignment and resale shops. You probably have several options as well--it only takes a little research...
How to resale

By research, I mean learn where to sell what. For example, most communities offer online garage sales; I use a few locals available through Facebook. I have found this the best way to sell gently used furniture, like the chairs above. Incidentally, when I purchased these chairs from a yard sale, they still had the store tags and I got both for $20! Since they were still in excellent condition, I was able to sell them for a profit several years later. Oh, how I love thrifting! A few things I've learned about online resale:  
  1.  Exercise caution.  
  2.  Exercise caution!  I know a lot of people sell on Craig's list and I have on occasion, but please do not have potential buyers come to your home--arrange to meet in public instead. I have found the community online garage sales to be safer and more convenient. 
  3. Take a few minutes to capture a good photo of your listing. Your phone camera is fine but good lighting is important. People want to see details before deciding on a purchase.  A great photo can also improve your chances of getting the best price! 
  4. Know the lowest price you are willing to take when you list your item. For example, if you are selling nicer furniture, set your price and stick to it.  It is a garage sale, so it is only natural for people to try to get a bargain, but I recommend giving it a little time before you decide to lower your price.  I respond to these kind of inquiries by thanking them for the offer and explaining that I am hoping to get my asking price but will be happy to contact them if I lower it.  Most people understand this. Then again, if you are happy just to get it out of the house, by all means negotiate away!  
 Another way I sold this month was by consignment and resale shops--this is how I prefer to resale clothing.  The local shops I use both require appointments. There is an upscale consignment shop where I try to take most of my clothes.  As a seller, I get more for my money. On the other hand, I am not as likely to shop there as I am the bargain resale shop, which also takes random household items.  This is the place I take my left-overs--the things I haven't sold elsewhere.  It is also a shop I frequent regularly when I thrift.  It's likely that which shop is best will depend on whether you are buying or selling!  When I sort items I am ready to part with, I always have a box for donations.  Charitable organizations take items year round so I often give nice items that may be out of season.  Also, most charities offer receipts for tax deduction purposes. Savvy selling to you, Friends!  
Have you had good experiences with local resale shops or do you prefer online garage sales?
I would love to hear your thoughts! 

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