Absolutely No Sewing: Oil Cloth Garden Banner

Happy Wednesday! Like many of you, we have had some dreary weather lately.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who is ready for Spring!  I can't wait to get started in the garden but I'm holding out for some frost free nights before I replant my containers and launch full into my annual Spring fever.  Hey, it's Texas and Spring usually comes early here! Looking for other ways to brighten my backdoor view, I decided to make an oil cloth banner--one even my non-sewing friends will appreciate! If you haven't tried oil cloth, you are missing out!  It is colorful and durable enough to withstand our harsh summers.  I cover all of my outdoor tables with it. It can be purchased online and in some craft stores. At my local craft store I pay $5.99 a yard but I have seen it as high as $10 a yard, so you will want to shop around for the best price.  The store I mentioned mails out a 30% off one item coupon so I use it to buy the yardage I need for the season.  

Oil cloth tablecloth
Cheerful oil cloth adorns my outdoor tables--from a previous Spring day
For this easy banner I actually used remnants of oil cloth from a previous project.  My banner has 16 flags, but you can make more or less according to your preference.  My triangles measure 6" at the top with 7" sides.  You will also need chalkboard paint, a hole punch and at least 3 yards of ribbon, depending on how many flags you make. I used a cookie cutter as a pattern for my circles.  I traced it onto each flag, then painted them with chalkboard paint.  I gave each flag 2 coats.  

No sew oil cloth banner

Next, I punched 2 holes in each flag at the top corners.  Then I threaded the ribbon through, leaving enough room for some ribbon to show between flags, plus several inches at each end. Once all flags were attached, I tied a small knot at each end.  P.S. This cute ribbon was Christmas clearance--isn't it perfect for Valentine's day?!

No sew oil cloth banner

Before hanging on the fence under my Valentine wreath, I used a chalk pen to write "All You Need Is Love".  However, the great thing about chalkboard banners is you can personalize your message any way you like!  

No sew oil cloth banner

Do you get pre-Spring fever? How do you brighten your surroundings?  Share the love! 

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