Friday's Find: Valentines Under a Dollar!

Happy Valentine's Day, Friends--hope your day is full of love! It's thrifty Friday and today I have gathered several finds just for the occasion.  Best of all they were each $1 or less! That makes my heart happy!

thrift store Valentine finds

Check out this sweet little kitchen towel--still wearing its store tags when I found it!

Valentine towel

I would have loved this tagboard book when my kids were little.  It tells the story of the real St. Valentine and how the tradition of Valentine's Day began.  I am adding it to the collection for my celebration with Ginger Grand.  These red paper hearts are perfect for DIY cards.

Valentine book

Can you believe this romantic slate heart was only .74 on clearance at Michaels?! Love, love, love! 

Vintage Valentine

Finally, don't forget to take advantage of grocery store bouquets for any occasion! I opt for smaller branch style flowers that can be divided into several mini arrangements over larger, showy displays.  Various shades of white blooms are elegant year round and these pictured cost only .80 each! At that price, why not treat yourself and a friend?!

Valentine bouquets

I would really enjoy hearing your Valentine's Day favorites--share the love!  

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  1. I was trying to get into the Valentine Spirit but didn't want to get out of the house, so I snagged an old deck of cards and made a card heart banner. Some red yarn, the heart suit from the deck of cards and viola! Instant love banner.


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