Books as Decor In Any Room!

Happy Wednesday Friends! I have entertained a life long love affair with books. Though I often use my Kindle for convenience, truth be told I still prefer the feel of a "real" book in my hands. When I was in elementary school, I would ride my bike several miles (in the snow) to the library and load up as many mystery books as my handlebar basket would hold, really--okay not the snow part! It should come as no surprise that Vintage books were among my first thrifted treasures and to this day can be found in any room of my house! Today I am sharing several ways I decorate with these classics.

Books as decor

Stacking books of the same hue can add instant height plus a pop of color to any vignette.

Books as decor

Worn Vintage covers provide asymmetrical charm at one end of my mantel.

Books as decor

Leonardofresh flowers, and a few good books by candle light for a romantic whimsical center piece! 

                    Books as decor 

Three of my favorite Vs: Vintage books arranged on a lovely Vintage hankie, atop Vintage luggage!

Books as decor

Do you share my affection for books, old or new? I would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by and come again! 

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  1. You always have such fun creative ways of styling things. The different pops of color add such interest and fun. I will most definitely be on the look out for some vintage books of my own!


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