Healthy Habits: DIY Spa Water

Greetings! Do your goals for the new year include living a healthier lifestyle?  If you are anything like me, there is room for improvement in this area!   Today I am sharing one of the simplest ways ever to improve your overall health--drink more water!  I am aware that this is not a new concept.  However, did you know that just staying properly hydrated alone aids in preventative health? Several little known benefits include keeping skin moisturized, aiding in weight loss, building strong muscles, improving cognitive function and keeping joints flexible.  You can read more here. Of course, it goes without saying that water is the most thrifty of all beverages! A few years ago, I decided to try one of these water pitchers made for flavoring your water with fruit and/or herbs--turned out to be one of my best investments ever.  I can honestly say I drink at least twice as much water as I did previously!

DIY spa water

If you haven't tried infusing your water yet, why wait for a spa day? Treat yourself at home! There are literally so many delicious options--the variety will help you go back for more.  Pictured is cucumber, grapefruit, green apples and mint and it is wonderful!  If you decide to use cucumber, use it sparingly and toss it after a few days.  It may over power other flavors and can get bitter.  However, most fruits and herbs last up to a week; just keep adding fresh water.  My favorite is mint alone--it is so refreshing! I have also tried lemon-rosemary, apple-cinnamon, orange-mint, cucumber-lemon, strawberry, blackberry...the choices are endless!  Have you tried combinations I haven't listed? I would love to hear yours! 

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