Seasons of Change...and Paint Therapy!

Hello Friends, hope you are having a lovely Wednesday.  The end of this week will officially mark the first quarter of the year and it already  looks like 2014 it is going to be a year of change for me in many ways.  First, I can hardly believe that my "children" will be 20, 25 and 30 this year--so hard to believe! Probably the biggest adjustment for this doting Tahtee (Ginger Grand's name of choice for me) is that in less than a week Youngest Daughter and GG are moving out of state.  Though I have known for several months, it hasn't really gotten any easier to accept.  While I am proud of YD's adventurous spirit and the opportunities they will have, I am saddened that GG's frequent visits and sleepovers will be replaced with only occasional ones. I have great respect for all of you long distance grandparents out there and I am praying for grace to embrace this new season. 

Accepting change
Holding hands with my favorite Little Man

On a different nostalgic note, I recently realized that June 1 will be the 15 year anniversary of buying my home which has been such a blessing to me and my family. Here we are together our first summer in our house.  This is a photo of a photo--sorry for the grainy quality! 

Accepting change
Talk about a throw back--us 15 years ago!

Countless birthday parties, family gatherings and sleepovers have been celebrated within these walls.  Walls, that I have decided need some refreshing! YD is fond of saying that I am just not happy unless I am working on a project.  We've all heard of aromatherapy, retail therapy and the likes.  Well for years I have been practicing project therapy!  There is something very cathartic about creating, painting or planting something whether you are accepting difficult news or experiencing personal trials.  As I endeavor to grow with the challenges presented to me, I will be simultaneously practicing paint therapy and giving my 15 year old home a refreshing!  
I will be sharing my progress through a series of posts, so stay tuned...
Do you practice project therapy or find comfort in creating? I would love to hear your stories! 

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  1. I'm so sad they're leaving too!! :( I'm going to miss little ginger man!! I'm really bummed tax season is preventing me from coming to town to say bye!! I think I do project therapy too. I'm excited we have a house now and my new project is our backyard. I'm hoping to create a flower garden! :)


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