A Special Birthday Greeting and Friday's Find #236

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! I have several fabulous vintage finds to share this week, starting with this sweet porcelain frame. I love the delicate flowers and heart shaped openings and plan to use it on my desk.  Speaking of hearts--before the rest of this week's finds, I want to wish someone dear to my heart a very happy birthday... 

thrifted vintage frame

... Ginger Grand is 7 years old today! I was there when this little guy was born and can hardly believe it's been that long. These photos are from my visit to Denver at Thanksgiving.

My Thrift Store Addiction grandparenting

One of the greatest challenges of long distance grandparenting is not being able to celebrate all of these special occasions in person. Even so, I was able to watch him open the gifts I sent via Facetime and over the weekend, he promised to call again to give me the details about his party. Youngest Daughter and I have been finalizing details for his annual summer visit here and I can hardly wait!

My Thrift Store Addiction grandparenting

Okay, back to this week's finds! This pretty stoneware bowl caught my eye. It's manufactured by Jamestown China and features a blush ombre-like design. AVAILABLE HERE!

blush ombre vintage bowl

Next, I picked up this little wagon holding corn husk children even though it was meant to be part of a set with a mother doll. I currently have several of these collectible Nan's dolls for sale and I'm offering the wagon at a discounted price in hopes that a collector will give the orphans a home ;) AVAILABLE HERE!

Nan's corn husk doll wagon

I haven't seen these Oneida Deluxe cups before. Set of four retro paprika colored melamine cups are pristine white inside. AVAILABLE HERE!

Oneida Deluxe retro cups

Last, another retro find--who remembers these old-school photo cubes? When Dear Firstborn was a teenager, I gave her one of these featuring her favorite photos and she loved that it was from the 70s--way before her time! AVAILABLE HERE!

retro photo cube

My Thrift Store Addiction

Oneida Deluxe vintage cups

Until next time, happy hunting!

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  1. Cecilia, how nice to have a glimpse into your personal world - thank you for sharing that, and I love how Facetime allows being near unlike times past when geography separated loved ones!
    Those orphans are adorable (somebody, PLEASE adopt them!), and I remember having one of those cubes in my room in the '70s 0 I can even remember a few of the photos I had in it.

  2. Adorable finds and an adorable grandson! It does goes too fast doesn't it? I have to say that FaceTime would've been pretty handy back when I was little and my grandparents lived far away. Sometimes, technology is a wonderful thing...

  3. Ginger Grand is such a cutie. 7-8 is such a great age to do things with kids. I, too, had a photo cube; don't remember WHERE I kept it, though, desk? Great finds this week. I used to love cornhusk dolls and remember putting a mother/daughter pair into a glass ginger jar with red and blue strawflowers! Probably 70's, too!

  4. Hi Cecilia ... thanks for sharing your finds. Good stuff. Mugs are beautiful. Oh my ... that grandson is growing so fast. So good that you can connect with him on facetime.
    Audrey Z.

  5. Gosh I remember those cubes! SO sweet that you get to keep in touch via today's modern conveniences, and that he will be visiting! He really is a doll:) xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home


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