Russian Folk Art: Friday's Find #238

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! There are times when I come across an item during my thrifting adventures that I am inexplicably drawn to. It may not be something that I would use in my decor, but there is an intuition that I've found something special. When it's an item that I haven't seen before, like this framed hand painted tile, it requires a little research on my part... 

hand painted Russian folk art

When I saw the information on the back of the tile, my curiosity was really piqued. After some digging, I learned it was Cyrillic script designating that the hand painted ceramic tile was Soviet Era folk art from Orekhovo, Russia dated 1989. Isn't it unique?  AVAILABLE HERE!

hand painted Russian folk art

It's my first time to score a vintage batter bowl. When I've seen them in antique shops, they are usually so expensive. 

vintage milk glass batter bowl

This small milk glass bowl is in perfect condition. AVAILABLE HERE!

vintage milk glass batter bowl

This fun plate isn't vintage, but still had the store tag on it. It may end up on my gallery wall. 

Julia Child plate

My Thrift Store Addiction

hand painted Russian folk art

Until next time, happy hunting!

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  1. The painted tile is fantastic, Cecilia, what a bright and happy celebration of color.

  2. Great finds. Anything in Russian folk style takes me back to fond times of ballet dancing and learning Russian folk dancing (it's very challenging and exhausting!). Yes, ballet is the foundation of many styles of dancing....
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Love this week's finds! Love the colors in the tiles; it'd add a pop of color to a farmhouse kitchen, 'specially for someone with a Russian heritage. Thanx for the research you did. As you like to cook (and eat!), I think Julia deserves a place on your gallery wall!

  4. You always find the most unique things! I love the batter bowl and the sign made me chuckle...I'd like to add "and people not on a diet"! Lol. So challenging going out to eat with friends and all they do is talk about what they can't eat. Makes me feel guilty for eating said food. Haha!
    Happy Friday, Cecilia!

  5. Fun tile! And I pass up batter bowls in milk glass because I have so many and they aren’t selling. Hmm, guess folks in Dallas have given up baking! I personally use mine all the time.

  6. Interesting finds!! Love the bowl! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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