Friday's Find : Vintage Linens

Greetings thrifty friends! Today I am featuring charming Vintage finds for the kitchen. I adore Vintage lines of all varieties and how cute is this anthropomorphic stitched tea towel?! It is right at home in my kitchen and is already hanging on my refrigerator door.

Vintage lines

This lovely Vintage apron's pale pink hue and embroidered flowers were calling my name! I love using pretty aprons and have several hanging on pegs in my kitchen.  As is often the case when I am thrifting, I learned something new.  The cashier at the thrift store told me that her British friend refers to aprons as "pinnies"-- short for pinafore.   Fun fact! 

Vintage linens

I would love to hear about your recent finds--do tell! 
Until next time, happy hunting!

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