Friday's Find: Gray Laurel Fire-King

Greetings Friends! Not only is today's feature fabulous Fire-King, it's also gorgeous gray! I really thought I had seen all of the lovely patterns until I came across this dreamy Gray Laurel manufactured by Anchor Hocking from the 40s-60s. It has the texture of milk glass with that trademark opalescent luster.  You are probably thinking that I really don't need more dishes which is true...Did I mention they were 75% off?!  Did I also mention that gray and turquoise is my new favorite color combination? Sigh...if thrifting is my addiction, I have to confess Vintage dishes are my drug of choice.  Hi, my name is Cecilia and I'm a dish-aholic :)

Vintage Fire-King Gray Laurel dishes

True confession time--what's your favorite thrift store indulgence? Jewelry? Shoes? Pyrex? Do tell! 
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  1. Ooooo those aer pretty!! I'm becoming obsessed with milk glass!!!

  2. I'm a dish-aholic, too! I just love those dishes, I've not seen them before. What a great find! My favorite thing to find thrifting is great Pyrex or other kitchen glass, like yours. Thanks for sharing this at History & Home this week, take care: Dawn @ We Call It

  3. wow, this hue is absolutely gorgeous! fireking stuff is quite rare to find here (finland). well, i have many fixations, but for one I collect a Soviet make of plates and bowls, Hungarian Granit butter dishes and enamel. I guess I have a bit of an Eastern Bloc nostalgia going on :)


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