Conquer the Clutter: Closet Turned Office Nook!

Happy Wednesday Friends! My mission to conquer clutter continues--today I'm sharing how I took a closet that was completely out of control and turned it into an efficient little office nook...

Closet turned office nook

Once upon a time, this embarrassing mess was an organized sewing closet. Fast forward to an empty nest, fewer sewing projects and my DIY and Etsy inventory demanding their own room. Unfortunately the closet became a junky catch all but I was determined to give the space a happy ending.

Conquer closet clutter

I'll be honest, it was no easy task! Before I could give it new purpose, everything had to come out.  As the pile in my hallway continued to grow, I lamented over what to keep and where to put it and confess I wanted to quit more than once.  I started Friday afternoon and worked through the weekend but I watched HGTV marathons and snacked on leftover Christmas goodies intermittently as I worked, which I credit to keeping my sanity ;)

Conquer closet clutter

When I started, my goal was to clear the clutter but it wasn't until I was almost finished that the idea for an office nook came to mind.  Now, I'm am not a sit-down-at-a-desk kind of girl.  I'd much rather take my laptop into the garden or curl up in my favorite chair when I blog.  However, I was in desperate need of an efficient place to package and ship my Etsy orders and store all of the supplies.  By eliminating one of the basket storage units, I had enough room to create a tabletop shipping area.  The top is a folded card table I've used for multiple purposes. Underneath are storage baskets holding wrapping paper and some of the frames I sell. Hidden among the previous clutter, I came across these wooden drawers I'd kept from an old craft show piece.  I decided to show them a little love...

Upcycle unused items for storage

I painted them with my favorite chalk paint and they made perfect office supply caddies. The C and Blessed are from Michaels' $1 section. I have had the wire cable with the clips on it for ages but never had the ideal use for it.   However, just after arranging my nook, I had several Etsy orders I needed to ship. I clipped the addressed labels on the wire until I was ready to wrap my packages--worked like a charm! Do you like my pink polka dot oil cloth? I adore that stuff for it's versatility and durability. On the right, the storage basket unit houses bubble wrap, padded mailers and all manner of shipping necessities.  

Cluttered closet turned office nook

Shelves on the left hold various remnants I chose to keep and organize--a place for everything! 

Baskets for organization

I have something of a ribbon fetish so this has to be one of my favorites. I gathered all of my spools and arranged them on this over the door spice rack.  The wire is spaced perfectly to thread the ribbon through for cutting the needed amount! 

Repurposed ribbon storage.

My new office nook has already simplified my business shipping process. Isn't it funny that the inspiration came to me toward the end of my project? Have you been participating in the challenge--what's next on your list? Do tell! 

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  1. That looks awesome! I need to re-do my spare room. This year it will get organized and spruced up!

  2. WOW!!! It looks so nice and it's so nice to have a specific area/place to dedicate running your business.
    I love the idea about the rack for holding handy. Thank you for the tip.
    I, like you, once I start organizing I regret it when I'm half-way done...LOL!!! I get so overwhelmed!!!

  3. Very Inspiring.... I love the ribbon rack! Brilliant! Hope you are pinning that one all over the place....

  4. What a great way to use up extra space and it's so functional! Thanks for inspiring us :)

  5. Oh geez Cecilia, I thought I was the only one that had cluttered closets. You have done a great job in clearing/organizing the clutter and making a useful place for your business. The ribbon rack is really a space saver ... brilliant idea. Love the polka dot oil cloth too. Glad to see you call in 'oil cloth'. I asked for 'oil-cloth' in Gibsons one day and they did not know what the heck I was talking about. Made me feel old !!!

  6. Wow girl! You did a great job with organizing all those things! I've been busy painting trim... about to paint a few doors black... a little scared :)

  7. You did a fantastic job organizing the space. As one who recently tackled a big closet with a serious got-worse-before-it-got-better problem I am in awe of your tenacity and the ultimate result!

  8. Wow, it looks fantastic. You should link this post up to the Heap of Change Challenge on Thursday over at Funky Junk Interiors. Thanks for linking up to Scraptastic Saturdays.


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