How I {Finally} Conquered Closet Clutter!

Happy Wednesday Friends! At last, we have fall weather here in Texas and it seems every time the seasons change, I vow to give my clothing closet a much needed purge.  Unfortunately as I've shared before, closet organization can be a challenge for me...

Conquer closet clutter
Am I the only one or can you relate? Last January, I set out on a mission to conquer clutter in my home, once and for all!   Armed with the fresh motivation a new year brings, I reorganized my Christmas storage and turned another cluttered closet into an office nook for Etsy shipping.  While I was pleased with the results from these projects, my momentum slowed down indoors as the demands of the garden took over outdoors.  By July, I realized the year was more than half over and both my pantry and laundry room were in desperate need of some attention.  I gave each a makeover and just in time, before my house was flooded by a burst kitchen hose in August! Despite the lengthy process of cleaning up after the flood, I have managed to keep the clutter conquered with the exception of one closet--my clothing closet in the master bedroom.  With the need to accommodate some thicker, warmer clothing and barely a few months left in the year, I decided the time had come! So here's where I began, with this overcrowded jumble....

Store out of season clothing

First, I removed all of the clothes that were no longer in season and stored them in under the bed garment bags.  

Store unseasonal items

Next, came the hardest part for me...P-U-R-G-E!  I don't know why I always have the thought, "But, I might wear that again...!"  This time, I answered myself, "Nope, you haven't worn it--it goes!"  Can you picture me talking to myself in my bedroom?! I was just weary enough of the mess and lack of organization that I was ruthless. I divided the clothes into two groups: consign for resale or donate.  By the time this is posted, the donation bags will be donated and I hope to have an appointment with the consignment shop! 

Purge, Consign or Donate

I probably removed a third of my wardrobe and I probably still have more than I need. My plan is to remove an item anytime I add something new. As I sorted, I organized by color.  My friend Carly, who is a rock star when it comes to clothing organization always does this, but I never have.  She will be proud of me and I am feeling pretty good about starting the holiday season with an organized wardrobe! 

Organize by color

Remember to stop by tomorrow and link your vintage treasures and repurposed projects at Vintage Charm!  See you then! 

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  1. Great job! Purging is liberating, isn't it? :) ~Rhonda

  2. I recently did this as well and it feels great. Now if I could just do it in the basement, I'd be set! ;)

  3. Fortunately, our frequent moving forces me to keep my side of the closet organized and clutter-free. If I could just get the hubster to do this, it would be great! Hugs!!

  4. Looks great Cecilia. When we remodeled our closet, I found that sorting by color, and having matching hangers hanging in one direction, made a world of difference. Love your storage cases too.
    Audrey Z.

  5. Great work, you go, girl! I just started organizing my closet in colors. It really helps... used to place "outfits" together but I found that I wasn't following my own sets! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. What a great feeling it is to purge and organize! I have big plans for conquering clutter after the holidays.

  7. Hi Cecilia it always makes me feel better when my closet it cleaned out, I have a tendency just stack things in my closest and then find a place for it later. lol Seeing your post gives me the nudge to do it again. Your look great. I do color coordinate my clothing it really helps when I need to grab something quick some people say that I'm quirky but it works for me. Have a lovely day! Hugs, Jo

  8. I probably only wear half of my closet and I have another upstairs full. I even have larger pants in case I gain weight back. Not happening so I think I need to get rid of those! I am making some progress though....I got rid of a lot of work clothes and I haven't worked outside the home in 19 years!

  9. Heck, I am still working on one room! It is supposedly going to be my crafting/photography work area, but not going as well as I want. I have yet to make it to the closets, 4 rooms of closets, where I piled things when I moved here in Nov last year!

  10. Good for you!
    Ok, you have motivated me to go through my clothes. I need to put away the seasonally stuff and I think I will try the sort by color trick. Maybe that will help!


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