Get the Look for Less: Pier One Knock Off!

Happy Wednesday Friends! Do you enjoy window shopping? I do especially when I am inspired to create a thrifty knock off! 

DIY succulent arrangement

I am blessed to live in a small town that has a surplus of thrift stores where I constantly derive inspiration.  However, we don't have much in the way of popular home decor with the exception of Pier One.  Every so often, I like to pop in there and browse.  Recently, this metallic succulent vase caught my eye.  Originally $30, marked down to $20...

Get the look for less

...I pondered, but only for a moment because I knew I could make it for less.  I bet you've had a similar experience--who doesn't love a good knock off? Sure enough, I already had these items at home! 

DIY succulent arrangement

It took me all of 5 minutes to assemble.  I placed the frog inside the bowl, arranged the succulents, then filled in with floral moss.  Since I shopped my home, it was free!

DIY succulent arrangement

Here's a tip if you don't have all of the items.  You probably have some type of metallic container or if not, one that could be spray painted gold. Maybe you have succulents you could pull in from outside. My faux succulents are from Hobby Lobby for $4.99 but I always use their 40% off coupon. (Download it on your phone and it automatically updates, so you have it when you need it!) Even if you have to buy spray paint and the succulents, you can still make it for less than half of Pier One's price!   

Pier One succulent knock off

Just a reminder, the new Vintage Charm link party begins Thursday October 15.  Come back tomorrow, I'll be sharing more specifics!

Vintage Charm party

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  1. I like yours much better...not only because it was free, but because it just looks so much fuller and real. Their plants look fake, yours do not! LOVE it!! I need to find some succulents pot because I need some spaces "filled"! Hugs!!

  2. Very nice knock-off! I agree with Benita...yours does look more real! Being thrifty does pay off when you are creative too! Another reason to keep thrifting and collecting things.

  3. Very nice Cecilia ... I have never been able to grow succulents but I have some faux ones that look real. I bought a live one the other day and hope I don't kill it. Your arrangement is lovely and they do look real.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. Hey Cecelia, I just did a post on succulents, too....faux succulents from the Dollar Store! I have a black thumb so I figured they were the smartest way to go:) Love what you did, the silver bowl looks great with the succulents in it. Cant wait for the party! xoKathleen

  5. Very pretty and easy to recreate!!! I love the frog you have...never seen one like it!

  6. Love it! I even found faux succulents at the .99 store and they don't look too bad. I like yours better!

  7. Great knock off Cecilia! Love the aqua tray they are sitting on too! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. Yours looks great, Cecelia. My husband was annoyed because we had to wait in line at a yard sale a few months ago, but hey, was I going to pass up a pretty apothecary jar with lid filled with fake succulents for $1.00? Not a chance! I have a bunch growing outside, but need fakes indoors because our cats will eat anything live.


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