Vintage Blue Spatterware Pottery: Friday's Find #265

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! It's always a pleasure to come across someone's cherished collection during my thrifting adventures. This week's fabulous find is just that--a lovely collection of vintage blue spatterware pottery...

blue spatterware pottery

Some of the pieces are marked with the artist's name and date on the bottom, like this pretty bowl, signed Becky 1985.  AVAILABLE HERE!

blue spatterware pottery

Others, like these sweet salt and pepper shakers feature a sponged heart design and... 

blue spatterware salt and peppers does this pretty baking dish, which is also signed on the bottom, Flat Earth 1991. AVAILABLE HERE!

blue spatterware pottery

These small heart dishes are so versatile. AVAILABLE HERE!

blue spatterware pottery

 I have a fondness for sugar and creamer sets. Isn't this one charming? AVAILABLE HERE! 

blue spatterware pottery

My Thrift Store Addiction

Blue spatterware pottery

Until next time, happy hunting!

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  1. What a lovely set for a country kitchen! Wouldn't kids love a heart shaped chocolate cake all their own!

  2. What a fantastic set. Vintage rules!


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