The First Day of Christmas: DIY Flocked Christmas Tree

I'm excited to share the first of my Twelve Days of Christmas feature.  My hope is that these posts will help you get your jingle on and that you will have as much fun as I did--creating lovely holiday decorations and unique gifts while also saving money! So check back each day and even better offer your feedback! Humor me and hum the song to yourself...

"On the first day of Christmas my blog friend shared with me: a D-I-Y flocked Christmas tree!" 

Admit it--you sang! This project started a few weeks ago when I was contemplating how I might upgrade my rather tired looking artificial tree. I noticed that the trees I was drawn to in the stores had a light flocking or frosted appearance and I wondered the best way to DIY it.  I was hesitant to use can snow or flocking because it constantly falls and sheds. After researching, I decided to combine the two techniques I liked best with spackling and paint. 

DIY flocked Christmas tree

I arranged my lights on the tree before starting to avoid having to work around my new flocking. I watered down the spackle to a paint like consistency--easy enough to apply, but messy though, so cover your surroundings! 

DIY flocked Christmas tree

I allowed mine to dry overnight and I am pleased with the results! The upgrade complements my tree without giving it a completely all white appearance.

DIY flocked Christmas tree

On another day, I'll share my tree all decked out in my Secret Garden inspired decorations.   Drop by soon!  
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