The Twelve Days of Christmas!

I absolutely adore Christmas! I believe in the Reason for the Season, I love decorating and the emotion that washes over me when I hear Christmas music.  When I saw this t-shirt on Pinterest I had to laugh because I immediately thought, "Yep, that's me!" I realize not everyone shares my warm fuzzy holiday feelings and I am convinced it is due to over scheduling.  The sheer busy-ness alone can rob our feelings of peace and good will!  For this reason, I make a conscious effort to plan ahead.  Who wants to drag all of the Christmas decorations out for 2 weeks and then pack it all up again?! Not this girl!  I've been teased by friends and family about having my decorations up by Thanksgiving weekend but for me, it prevents decorating from becoming overwhelming and best of all allows me to really enjoy the season. 

12 days of Christmas posts

 By the time those holiday invitations start rolling in, my decorations and gifts are finished and I am ready for celebrating!  In part, that's why I wanted to share this feature with all of you--some of my favorite ways to decorate with thrifted finds, create handmade gifts and recreate the traditional.  Hope you will drop by daily and as always, your feedback is welcomed and appreciated!  Merry! Merry! 

                                      The Sixth Day of Christmas                                     

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