Snowy Tulle Garland

Greetings Friends! Well Thanksgiving has passed and for many of us, that means we are full swing into Christmas decorations and the thriftier, the better! Today I'm sharing an easy garland I fashioned with dollar store tulle--no sewing required! 

Snowy Tulle Garland How to create snowy garland from dollar store tulle

I found these circles and rolls of tulle at the dollar store for my Nutcracker Inspired Dress Form. I had some left over and envisioned draping it around some of my decorations for a snowy effect.  However on its own, it can be a challenge to hold its form, which means more is needed in order for it to show up.  

Snowy Tulle Garland Dollar store tulle used to create snowy garland

I soon discovered a simple solution--a knotted garland.  I started by cutting long strips from the roll of tulle.  Mine were about 7 feet long, but you could cut them any length.  Next, I layered two of the circles and pinched them at the center to gather them.  

Snowy Tulle Garland Snowy tulle garland tutuorial

Last, I wrapped the tulle strip around the pinched end of the circle and double knotted. That's it--just repeat until if you've achieved the desired effect. 

Snowy Tulle Garland Snowy tulle garland tutuorial

Here's several ways I used mine with Christmas decorations:

I wrapped it around the bottom of my tablescape centerpiece--I'll share the rest soon!

Snowy Tulle Garland Snowy tulle garland at the base of Christmas centerpiece

I added one at the waist of Juliet's ballet tutu and...

Snowy Tulle Garland Snowy tulle garland wrapped around alternative Christmas tree dress form bodice

Snowy Tulle Garland Snowy tulle garland used in thrift store Christmas tree farm

I even tucked some in the chicken feeder on my mantel.

Snowy Tulle Garland Snowy tulle garland used with vintage chicken feeder on Christmas mantel

I'll be sharing it decked out for Christmas soon--here's a sneak peek!

Snowy Tulle Garland Snowy tulle garland used with vintage books and sheet music on Christmas mantel

Remember the Creating Christmas party begins December 7 and runs through December 11. I'll be sharing Tuesday, December 8 and hope you'll join the party!

Snowy Tulle Garland Creating Christmas link party

Have you added any handmade decorations this year?

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  1. How easy and so very pretty! I love how it adds a little bit of whimsy to your decorations. I have been pretty crafty...I made a garland tree on the door, decorated a stocking for my daughter and SIL and am now working on a new nativity scene. Now I have to get busy and start decorating!

  2. Beautiful addition to your Christmas decorations. My favorite is the Christmas tree farm with the tulle to mimic fluffy snow. Looking forward to the Creative Christmas Link Party.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  3. I'm a sucker for any kind of banner or garland...loving this sweet and ethereal take!

  4. Oh my gosh I l saw the rolls of tulle literally tonight at my Dollar Store! I thought to myself they would be great for crafts, just too tired to take on any more than I'm already doing! I tucked the idea away for a future project. You have used it beautifully in so many different ways:) xoKathleen

  5. Makes me think of snow flurries!

  6. This is very pretty, Cecelia! I've been enjoying creating simple projects...

  7. Very pretty idea! Looks so sweet tucked in your different festive vignettes! And I love that it is thrifty, too! I've made several Christmas projects this year! Great, and fun, way to change things up a little! ...thanks for the kind comment on my lantern! :) ~Rhonda

  8. {{sighh}} Your Christmas decor is so feminine and pretty, my friend. I just love everything you do and create.

    Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiraiton. Have a lovely day! Hugs

  9. that is just so neat, thanks for sharing!


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