Friday's Friday: Collectible Corn Husk Dolls

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Today's feature originates from one of America's oldest crafts--corn husk dolls! Almost thirty years ago, Nan's dolls took the primitive craft to a whole new level delighting collectors with their intricate design. Look at Miss Christmas with her sled full of presents--isn't she charming?  SOLD!

Friday's Find: Collectible Corn Husk Dolls Vintage Nan's Christmas Shopper

Long ago, Native Americans created the rustic dolls for their children and then early settlers learned the craft. Nan Anderson perfected her corn husk creations to an art form.  Her dolls have been featured on Good Morning America, in Country Folkart and have even been said to grace the homes of several U.S. presidents.  When we first moved to the Texas Hill Country, there was a shop in Fredericksburg that used to carry them and I collected them for a season. Since then I have downsized and set aside a few that Dear Firstborn requested.  I have also sold several on Etsy, so when I come across the occasional dolls like these two, I pick them up. Isn't this mother and swaddled baby sweet?  Available

Friday's Find: Collectible Corn Husk Dolls Vintage Nan's Mother and Baby

I think the minis are so adorable.  The one I used for Clara was an older one from my collection.

Friday's Find: Collectible Corn Husk Dolls Vintage doll portraying Clara in the Nutcracker Christmas tree vignette

Here's a few more I have listed:

Friday's Find: Collectible Corn Husk Dolls Vintage Nan's Amy with Doll

Friday's Find: Collectible Corn Husk Dolls Vintage Nan's Miss Christmas with Wreath

Friday's Find: Collectible Corn Husk Dolls Vintage Nan's Angel

Friday's Find: Collectible Corn Husk Dolls Vintage Nan's Lady in Purple with Easter Basket

These little ladies have quite a following on Pinterest so I've given them their own board--you can check it out here!  Until next time, happy hunting! 

Friday's Find: Collectible Corn Husk Dolls Click here to see where I party!

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  1. They are so beautiful. I have seen corn husk dolls before, but none as beautiful as these.

  2. Oh wow, those are so pretty and intricate! I didn't even know there were such pretty ones. They are really amazing.

  3. Really beautiful dolls Cecilia. You have quiet a nice collection. Look great with your Christmas decorations and perfect time to show them off.

  4. I have never seen them before but they are so adorable!

  5. These are quite elaborate, nothing like the one I have. Lovely! :)

  6. I have one of Nan's cornhusk dolls that I received as a personal wedding gift from Nan herself 34 years ago. Her family and mine were friends, although it has been years since I have seen or talked to any of them.

    Cathy <3

  7. I had to get up and go look at my cornhusk doll! It is a Nan's from 1986. It is the mother swaddling the baby, but in blue. My daughters were born in 1982 and 1985 so I think it is a keeper. I had no idea they were so popular. And I have not seen all those other ones you have!


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