Friday's Find: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like..............

TGITF Friends! I could barely contain my excitement when I found today's fabulous features--two boxes of Shiny Brites and a trio of vintage elves at the same sale and that's just the beginning! 

Vintage Christmas estate sale finds

Sometimes spur of the moment sales can yield the best finds! Such was the case when I decided to browse a near by estate sale last weekend. As usual, I started in the garage where I spied the elves and ornaments--half price! 

Vintage Christmas treasures

Next I saw these whimsical snowmen.  They may have originally been part of a flower arrangement or wreath since they have wire picks on the ends.  They'll be right at home with my vintage Christmas decor.  One has already been designated to Ginger Grand who shares my affection for whimsy.  "Tahtee, PLEASE bring that at Thanksgiving!" {Of course I'll remove the wire first.} During our FaceTime chats, he is always interested to see my latest project or find.  Have I mentioned how much I adore that child? Maybe just a few times, right?! 

Vintage snowmen

I rarely pass on a vintage Christmas tray, especially when it's a bargain.  Available!

Vintage Christmas tray

After the estate sale, I continued on to my original destinations: Smitten in Fredericksburg and several shops in Mason.  I almost decided against going due to stormy weather the previous few days.  However, once the last weather alert ended, I opted to go for it. Wow! I  am so glad I made the trip--a vast array of lovelies to behold! Needless to say, I took so many pictures both will have their own posts, coming soon.  On the way back, I made one last stop in Fredericksburg, Red Baron Antique Mall.  It's a fun place to browse and hunt the occasional bargain. First I found this vintage Holiday thermos from the 60s.  I'm already imagining it in my kitchen during the Christmas season!

Vintage thermos and knee hugger elves

I also found this sweet Famous Bedtime Storybook, The Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel, published in 1943.  The animal illustrations are adorable.  

vintage children's book

Last but not least, are these charming vintage Thanksgiving postcards.  

vintage Thanksgiving postcards

I love how you can see the handwriting on the backs.  They were printed in Germany; one is dated 1911 and the other 1914. 

vintage handwritten postcards

They are perfect on my fall mantel

Fall mantel display

On Sunday, I'll be sharing a special Christmas project. It may be my very favorite--so be sure to drop by and check it out!

Fall mantel display

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Until next time, happy hunting! 


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  1. Oh my goodness! What cute things you found. My favorite is the book. I love old books. And those post cards; those are treasures for sure. Have a great weekend friend!

  2. Oh my goodness! What cute things you found. My favorite is the book. I love old books. And those post cards; those are treasures for sure. Have a great weekend friend!

  3. So cute, what a joy when the thrift store yields a treasure! I went yesterday, but didn't find a thing. Some days chicken and some days feathers.

  4. Oh I remember those elves. We used to have them our tree when I was little!

  5. Some awesome finds! Love the shiny brites and kneehuggers!

  6. Shiny Brites are the best. I have my mother's collection I grew up with and some that I've picked up along the way. I also have some of those adorable elves, they sure bring back memories! Thanks for reminding me to bring out my red plaid thermos! xoKathleen

  7. Love this! YOu're so getting me in the mood for the holidays Cecilia! I always marvel over the amazing treasures you find! ;)
    Blessings on your weekend and can't wait to see that Xmas project. xoxo

  8. Well Cecilia, you found some really cute Christmas decorations. The little snowmen are so cute and I know you will find a lot a ways to use them. I bet that The Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel is a fun-to-read-book. I am sure Ginger Grand will enjoy having it read to him.

  9. Fun things you found, I love the thermos, subtle 'holiday' there. Looking forward to your new project post. The elves are adorable, and I love the skinny jello rings you have tucked in the box. Thanks for sharing Always, Sandi

  10. Cecilia
    I know I own those same elves, they are in the atic, I would stage them going up a little red ladder up the tree! This was of course when my kids were little. Need to go up in the attic, someday. Great finds!

  11. Great finds, Cecilia! I remember those elves and the snowmen seem oddly familiar. I have several vintage postcards (ones my grandfather sent to his first wife or I picked up somewhere) - yours are fabulous and look so good on your mantel. Of course, you know my weakness for charming children books so loving the one you found. Can't wait to see what else you found. Have a great weekend!

  12. Great finds, Cecilia! Gotta love an original Shiny Brite box filled with Shiny Brites!! And half price--great job. Can you believe, I've never found a shelf elf. I keep my eye out, believe me, but they've eluded me to this day...

  13. I just don't know where to start. .. so many wonderful items! I love the vintage ornaments and those little snowman, as well as the thermos. And don't even get me started on the vintage postcard. Vintage postcards and letters are some of my most favorite things to collect. I know it's crazy but I love reading the notes passed between people from years ago. They are just so interesting! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Hugs!

  14. I adore those elves and I have yet to find some Shiny Brites! I do love when you stop at a sale on a whim and they have unbelievable treasures!

  15. I remember the Shiny Brites! You did great on your finds.

  16. Love all your wonderful treasures, Cecilia, especially the Shiny Brites. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  17. Fabulous scores Cecilia! Can't believe those ornies and elves were still available for half price. Wouldn't happen around here. They'd be snatched up in a big hurry. Love the snowmen and thermos, and book. Oh heck, I just love it all!! lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  18. Oh! You did so well! How do people part with these treasures? I love your Chatterer book. That's one that my kids have on their homeschool reading list. I'd love to find a vintage copy! I hope you'll come link up at the Vintage Show & Tell!



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