Friday's Find #173

TGITF Friends! There's nothing like a thrifty box of Shiny Brites to put me in the Christmas spirit! Don't you love the box too? I'm as excited to decorate with it as I am the ornaments! 

Shiny Brites

First, the ornaments and then this gorgeous Christmas tree bottle stopper. It was a great week for glass....

Christmas tree bottle stopper

....and metal. I'm a long time fan of Marjolein Bastin's art. She designed the prettiest cards for Hallmark. I was thrilled to grab this signed whimsical snowman pin for .25! It could be worn on a longer chain too. Aren't the tiny charms on the bottom the sweetest? 

Marjolein Bastin

I love the ornate details on this heavy cast iron sconce and the patina, too--just as it is! 

cast iron sconce

More metal--this tarnished vintage silver will be cleaned for Christmas decorating. 

vintage silver plate

Also, faux metal and no, I'm not a bowler, so this trophy may have you wondering! Stay tuned--I have a plan ;) 

thrift store trophy

Last, is this gorgeous pale pink lace runner. It's the shade that will forever be "ballet pink" to me, which is also a hint on how I plan to use it. It's so sheer, I have it folded so it would show up better, but you'll see more of it soon! 

sheer lace runner

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. Loving the snowman charm and the metal sconce! I remember the shiny brites on our tree growing up too. Who would have ever thought it would be so exciting to see them still around all these years later. Have a great weekend Cecilia :)

  2. Eeeeek! You found some great stuff, Cecilia! Love the Shiny Brites and their box and the glass bottle stopper. The little pin is adorable, love the iron sconce (I have a bigger candle holder in a similar design), and that footed bowl! Swoon. I'm intrigued on what your going to do with the trophy too. Hm, the lace runner...beautiful....I think I know where you're going to use it. I'll see if I'm right. ;-) Great finds, wish I'd been shopping with you!

  3. love the stopper and the snowman with the charms. I collect glass trees so if you sell lmk.

  4. Love the ornaments and the box is so charming. That iron sconce is really fabulous.

  5. Nice ornaments and unusual box. I have never seen that style box. Love that silver piece too. I bet it will clean up really nice. Bowling trophy ... yes, I am wondering what you will do with it.
    Audrey Z.

  6. Lovely Cecilia! The sconce is my fav. Reminds me of ones we had in our bedroom...



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