Vintage Cosco Cart Makeover

Hello, so glad you dropped by today! Have you noticed these Vintage carts at antique shops? When Youngest Daughter recently moved, I inherited the one she found at a thrift store and used on her patio. As you can see, it was pretty grimy when I got my hands on it but it just needed some tender loving care....and spray paint! 

Cosco cart makeover
First, I rinsed it down with a hose and used a magic eraser sponge to remove the dirt. Next, I lightly sanded and then taped the handles with masking tape.

Vintage Cosco cart makeover

Finally, I spray painted each shelf, taking care around the taped areas. The shade is Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze.  I let it dry overnight before removing the tape.  Now it is ready to go...

Upcycled vintage Cosco cart

This makes cart number three for me--check back soon to see how I put them to use three different ways! I would love to hear about your latest makeover! 

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  1. You can take the cart one step further by using diet coke and aluminum foil on the chrome. It removes the rust, doesn't scratch the chrome and restores the shine. I usually finish up with automotive chrome polish for an extra layer of shine and to help keep the rust at bay. (Diet coke isn't sticky and really easy to use.)


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