The Bunny Chronicles Volume 2

Happy Wednesday Friends! When nearly six weeks passed without any Foo Foo sightings, I must confess I was a little concerned he may have gone to Bunny Heaven, but I am happy to report he is alive and well and... has a sibling! 

Baby bunnies

The first time I met Foo Foo he was hiding among Rosemary and Honeysuckle so imagine my surprise when he ventured right onto the garden path!  

Baby bunnies

Then a funny thing happened, Foo Foo's sister, Fiona appeared across the way. She is just a tad smaller and here you can see her tiny little backside.  Can you stand the cuteness?!

Baby bunnies in the garden

Since then, I have seen the Bunnies darting around on numerous occasions.  They seem to be getting braver and it makes me happy that my garden provides a safe haven for them. Over the years my garden has become my favorite place to pray and is often where I am most inspired creatively.  Have you had unexpected guests in your garden? Where are you most inspired? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. They are both so precious. I don't see any around my home... think because there are feral kitty kats that have been TNR and they do get fed, but still and there are some really big birds in the huge trees around here also. Oh and I have 4 inside only kitty kats and 3 little pups that think they own the neighborhood while they are in their backyard. lol


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