Friday's Find: Silver Bunnies

Greetings Friends--glad you are here on thrifty Friday! As a gardener, I am often drawn to birds and bunnies, as you may have guessed from The Bunny Chronicles. When I first saw this precious pair at an estate sale, they weren't priced and I feared might be for display only.  Even so, I picked them up determined to find out and was thrilled when I was informed "Yes, they are for sale, how about $1.50?"  Um...yes, please! Guess what I found out when I got them home?!

Vintage sterling silver bunnies
I thought the figure might be bronze; it was metal but looked black.  Even though I am a fan of worn Vintage silver patina, it was so consistently tarnished I didn't realize until I got home that it was sterling! There was an estate sale sticker covering sterling and Lisham Art Israel.  Since then I have been researching online.  These little figures are described as paper weights and I have seen many similar in size including an elephant, turtle, kissing birds and a single bunny but so far none just like mine.  However the ones priced online range from $100-$300! Now I was perfectly happy with these sweet bunnies when I thought they were any old metal so you can imagine my delight to find out they are Vintage sterling.  

Lisham Art sterling silver bunnies

A view from the back--could they be any more precious?! Have you had a similar experience, realizing after a purchase that you got more of a treasure than you realized?  Do tell! 

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  1. I didn't buy mine, it belonged to my mother. It is a reclining poodle and now I think it might be a paper weight. The style and carving look like your bunnies. Going to try and find out more!


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