May Flowers: Fragrant Honeysuckle

Happy Wednesday Friends! Today's May Flower is actually a blooming vine: fragrant Honeysuckle.  It has to be one of my all time favorites and on Spring mornings, you can find me standing by my garden gate deeply inhaling its intoxicating aroma. Honeysuckle also makes a great privacy plant forming a vast scented curtain of greenery.  In my climate it stays green year round.

Fragrant honeysuckle
Honeysuckle is another drought tolerant plant. It can get twiggy underneath the leaves, but can be controlled by trimming and can also be trained to climb trellises. Though the blooms fade quickly, I enjoy placing small cuttings in tiny bud vases to bring the sweet fragrance indoors.

Fragrant honeysuckle

Each of the May flowers I am featuring are not only budget friendly but good investments as year after year, they return with their beautiful blooms.  Have you planted any native plants or vines that thrive in your area? Drop by again soon to check out the next featured floral! 

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