Fall Planting and Garden Clean Up

Happy Monday, Friends! Fall has finally arrived in Texas, so I've been busy cleaning up the garden, trimming established plants that were scorched during our extreme weather this summer and planting some new perennials. Join me for a virtual stroll

fall planting and garden clean up tips

First, have you seen these solar powered fountain pumps? If you've wondered if they really work--they do! All you need is a sunny spot and a birdbath or container to create a DIY fountain. You can also check out my video on Instagram that I'll be sharing later today! 

Fall garden planting and clean up

Although the temperature did creep up to 90 one day last week, it's been in the high 50s in the mornings with highs peaking around 80 degrees, so I have a handful of late bloomers.

fall planting and garden clean up tips

I a an abundance of October roses which I am loving!

Fall planting and garden clean up

My hardy rosemary is drought tolerant and usually thrives during our hot summers, but I lost quite a bit this year during the heat dome. I've spent a lot of time trimming the dead branches...

fall planting and garden clean up tips

 ...and burning brush--now that the burn ban has been lifted. Believe it or not, I did so much fall trimming that I have burned brush three times in the last few weeks! If you look closely at the before above, you can see a little green rosemary peeking behind the branches I trimmed. Thankfully, we have had some rain and it is starting to perk up. I found the cute ceramic herb marker at a neighborhood yard sale--stay tuned to see the rest of my finds soon! 

fall planting and garden clean up tips

A few weeks ago, I shared tips for how to upcycle dollar store baskets to protect fall planting. I planted yarrow and marigold varieties, and I also refreshed my herbs. 

fall planting and garden clean up tips

Last but not least, I have been reading up on planting hydrangeas in Texas and learned that fall is the best time to plant them here. After trying every possible spot in my back gardens over the years, I am hoping that I have finally found the sweet spot in my front garden that gets dappled morning sunlight and shade in the afternoon. 🙏 The cone shaped trellis is my creative way of protecting the plants from domesticated deer! I found 2 varieties on Amazon that arrived in excellent condition: Endless Summer and Little Limelight.

fall planting and garden clean up tips
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fall planting and garden clean up tips
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  1. Nice, Cecilia. My garden's all cleaned up now too. Good luck with your hydrangeas! Endless summer blooms on old wood, but the little limelight should be an easy care hydrangea.

  2. Your roses are so pretty!
    Hate that you lost a bunch of your rosemary! The cold tends to strike mine, not the heat.

    Thanks for sharing your post at the Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop!



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