May Flowers: Low Maintenance Roses

Happy Wednesday! Today is the last of my May flowers series and I am sharing a beloved Southern favorite: roses. I have over 20 rose bushes in my garden--can you tell I adore them? I think there is a misconception that they are fussy plants but the varieties I have are actually pretty low maintenance.  In general, roses need to be watered at the base of the plant for their roots, not all over the the leaves.  Over watering and wet foliage tends to make them more susceptible to disease.  Other than that, they withstand our scorching heat, are cold hardy and produce glorious blossoms. These miniature roses are one of the first I planted and started in a gallon pot! Their tiny velvety red flowers expand across a corner of my yard for a breathtaking display.

Red miniature roses
Knock out roses are very popular for their profuse blooms and easy care.  If you are new to gardening or just skeptical about roses, this is the one to try.  Double knock out roses are the newest hybrid.  I have several yellow and pink varieties scattered through the garden.  Often, these are on sale this time of year and then clearanced during the Fall months.  

Yellow double knock out roses
Sunny yellow double knock out roses border my garden path.

Double Knock Out roses
The pink double knock outs are my personal fave! 

Lady Banks produce these delicate creamy yellow flowers in Spring.  The branches will reach for the heavens--see how they are climbing up these trees?

Lady Banks roses
Lady Banks roses

Have you had success with roses? I would love to hear your favorite variety! 

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