Hardy Drought Tolerant Plants For Your Spring Garden

Hello Friends!  Here in the Texas Hill Country, we are still having unusually cold weather for the season.  Typically by the time March comes around, I have been out in my garden for weeks but this year our warm weather days seem to be followed by wet, cold ones!  Even so, my garden is beginning to show the first signs of Spring with colorful blooms that defy the otherwise dreary weather. Today I am sharing some of my favorite drought tolerant perennials as well as some colorful hardy container plants for your Spring garden.  

hardy drought tolerant plants

Carolina Jessamine is a pretty vine that stays green most of the year and displays vibrant yellow blooms in Spring. This is a great plant if you are new to gardening and one of the first I planted.

Hardy drought tolerant plants

Colorful snapdragons do really well in our climate from Spring through Fall and are one of my favorite container plants.  They are also deer resistant! 

hardy drought tolerant plants

Periwinkle Vinca is an excellent groundcover.  The foliage stays green year round and the showy periwinkle flowers make their appearance during the Spring months. 

Hardy drought tolerant plants

Container gardens are a great way to add bursts of color if your space is limited or until it is warm enough for plants can go into the ground.  Geraniums and pansies offer a stunning display.  Do you have a favorite Spring flower or container plant for your climate? Do tell! 

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