The Bunny Chronicles

Happy Wednesday Friends!  Look what I found in my garden yesterday!  I was trimming some plants when I saw what I thought was a bird's nest.  I assumed it had fallen to the ground and was getting closer to take a photo when out popped the tiniest baby bunny I have ever seen! I didn't want to risk startling it so I zoomed in for the photo but it is small enough to fit in my hand--collective "awwww....!"

Baby bunny 

This is not the first baby bunny to make its home in my garden. Last year, also in March there were two and even though they were obviously babies they were significantly bigger than this one, who I have decided to name Foo Foo after Ginger Grand's favorite toy bunny. Last year, I never saw a nest or form as it is called.  For a few weeks, I would see them coming and going and then they were gone.  Since then I occasionally see a grown cotton tail dart out from one of my many Rosemary bushes.  Once I saw two at the same time.  Are they the same bunnies from last Spring? This former city girl has no idea! Though I do know their reputation for pro-creating. My yard is completely fenced and they seem to always come in from one little spot they can squeeze under. Despite that similarity to Peter Rabbit, I have never seen any signs of damage to my plants or otherwise so we get along fine.

Baby bunny

If you look closely you can see the form to the left. I find it interesting that though I have many Rosemary bushes all over my property, the one Foo Foo (or possibly his Mommy) chose, is closest to the house.  Since I know where this one is nesting, my intention is to observe until he moves on and chronicle my findings.  In addition to stopping to smell the roses, I will be stopping to watch the bunny! I've sent photos to GG but I am hoping Foo Foo may make an appearance while we are on Face Time.   I realize it may be a high hope but I was really surprised how close he let me get with my camera, so it could happen...
Have any of you had similar experiences? I would love to hear your bunny tales--sorry, I couldn't resist :)

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