Local Spring Bargains: Fabulous Find 391

Thank God it's thrifty Friday Friends! Today I'm sharing my latest dollar store scores and local bargains for spring, starting with these beautiful bottles I found at Dollar Tree and featured in my recent home tour.

spring dollar store scores and local bargains

You can see more pictures of these lovely bottles that I styled as vases in the spring home tour I shared last month. Do you remember the miniature risers I scored on clearance? I found the two narrow bottles in the same pretty shade on sale at Hobby Lobby and used the risers to give them added height.

spring dollar store scores and local bargains

I also found these goodies at Hobby Lobby--I love the pattern on the oven mitt!

spring dollar store scores and local bargains

The last of my scores are from Dollar General. A cute cleaning caddy...

...new budget friendly welcome mats and

spring dollar store scores and local bargains

...last but not least, a few pairs of my favorite thrifty garden gloves.

spring dollar store scores

My Thrift Store Addiction

Until next time, happy hunting!
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  1. Love the bottle stoppers! Lynn

  2. Oh wow, I just love those miniature glass bottles with the flowers. They are so pretty and can be used in so many different ways.
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  3. Enjoyed your springy finds! Pink, green, and white are such a great combo! Love that cleaning caddy; I have used my plastic one to corral craft supplies and tools for a particular project--keeps everything I need in one place til I get the project done. Also great for silverware and napkins enroute to an outdoor meal!

  4. You have some great finds here Cecilia. Love the welcome mat. I wish we had nice thrift stores in my area where I could score wonderful finds like you always do! The tulips look perfect in their vases on the risers too!

  5. Lots of great finds. The welcome mat is lovely. The vases look so pretty. I am happy to feature your local spring finds at Love Your Creativity.


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