Nesting in the Garden!

Happy Easter! Have you made plans for outdoor festivities this weekend? Sunrise church services, Easter egg hunts and dining al fresco all come to mind with the lovely spring weather. The mild spring temperatures don't last long here in Texas so I have been spending as much time as possible puttering and nesting in my garden...

Spring garden planting
I always enjoy freshening up my outdoor spaces as the seasons change.  I start by shopping home first.  I picked up the lime green pots on clearance at Lowe's some time back, knowing I would eventually use them.  At one time I used the wall planter indoors with different pots but these fit nicely. I just added dianthus which is cold hardy in my climate just in case there is a late unexpected frost.  The welcome sign was a thrifted find and I moved the blue bird from a different pot. 

Pink garden rose

One of my favorite things about spring is discovering the first blooms of the season.  I literally ran inside to grab my camera when I noticed the first pink rose this week. The roses are set against honeysuckle. It will be a few weeks before its sweet scent fills the garden but I love the pink against the curtain of greenery.

Pink viburnum blooms

Speaking of first blooms, after careful research I planted this viburnum shrub specifically for the promised flowers over eight years ago, but this was the first year it actually bloomed! I have to say the pretty delicate flowers were worth the wait! 

Lady Banks roses

More profuse blooms--this time pale yellow Lady Bank's roses create a showy display! 

Green leaf lettuce

I plant my lettuce in a containter.  Don't you love the colors? 

Spring snapdragons

This sweet fairy fountain has a crack so I have repurposed her as a planter for cheery snapdragons....

Repurposed fountain planter

...and this nonworking fountain holds thyme and is surrounded by creeping fig. 

Spring garden planting

How do you nest in your garden?


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  1. So happy for the nice weather making working in the garden so enjoyable. Love your roses ... wish I could grow roses, but the deer like them too much. It is so amazing as to what blooms and what doesn't. Our Mountain Laural has only a few blooms this year. I saw two Mt. Laural side by side ... one was loaded with blooms and the other not. Your viburnum shrub is beautiful. Is it the kind that has the red tips? Loved seeing your garden.

  2. Your garden is so beautiful Sweetie. Mine still looks like sticks. Have a great day.Jo

  3. love your garden and the flowers oh my so very pretty I would love to have you come visit us at

  4. Beautiful garden. I love the fairy and copper fountain.

  5. What beautiful garden vignettes you have! Thank you for sharing your homemaking inspiration with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :) Such a peaceful read!

  6. My dear Cecilia, you have a delightful and charming garden. What a beautiful place to sit and simply enjoy... Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. I love having you at the party. Hugs!


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