Friday's Find: Texas Antique Week Part 2

Thank God it's thrifty Friday Friends! Today I am taking you on the second part of my day trip to Texas Antique week in Roundtop.  I'll be sharing the rest of my treasures and a comparison of the shows I attended, as well as what I learned as a newbie.  This glorious jadeite display is only the beginning...

Vintage jadeite
After seeing only a few random pieces of jadeite at the Marburger Farm show, I was elated to discover this fabulous display within minutes of arriving at Cole's Antique Show.  Also, a good portion of this show is indoors--an added bonus in Texas as it was already in the eighties! I'm sure you can guess what my first purchase was...

Vintage jadeite

From that huge display, you can see I exercised great restraint in purchasing three pieces! I have been looking for a creamer and a platter.  The second creamer had a hairline crack, barely visible and was only $5! Melanie, from J & M Finds gave me a great deal on the other pieces.  I would definitely shop there again! 

Vintage pie bird

I also found this pie bird, with the original label.  Not too old, from the eighties, but I have been wanting one and it was in excellent condition--another $5 score! 

Texas Antique Week

My photo really doesn't do this magnificent mirror justice.  It was made in Germany and featured intricate porcelain detail around the edges.  It was truly breathtaking! 

Vintage kitchenware

This vendor had oodles of vintage dishware and had the cutest displays....

Vintage Fire-King this collection of Fire-King mugs and

Vintage kitchenware

...more red and white eye candy! 

Vintage Pyrex Pink Gooseberry

Not to mention this gorgeous pink Gooseberry Pyrex....

Vintage pink enamelware

 and more pink pretties! Below, lovely shades of green goodness...sigh!

Vintage green glassware

Cole's also had some outdoor exhibits like this awesome victrola! 

Vintage victrola

By late afternoon I was in need of a pick-me-up before the drive back and was in search of iced coffee when I came across the Coffee Bug! So cute and my iced hazelnut latte was delicious!  Now for my thoughts as a first time pilgrim to the show...

The Coffee Bug

In my pre-show research, I read from more than one source that if you only had one day to shop, Marburger Farm was the place to go. If you are wanting a fun day of browsing, in need of decor inspiration or want to invest in special furnishings (emphasis on invest!) then I would agree, Marburger is the show. On the other hand, if you are a collector hunting a bargain, I would begin with Cole's and some of the other smaller shows. Cole's has free parking and many of the other shows offer $5 parking.  There is an antique week calender for the fall and spring shows but not having been before, I found it confusing.  Now that I have made the trip, it will be easier to use in the future because I can picture the lay of the land, so to speak. While it is still fresh on my mind, I made a note of the show names that I want to visit next time. If you are able to go for more than a day, by all means visit Marburger's--it is an experience! If you missed my post on it, you can see it here.  Here's another tip, in visiting with some of the vendors, I learned that some of them open the weekend before or even earlier than the actual show which really appealed to me. That's my two cents! Thanks for coming along--I leave you with the vibrant wildflowers I stopped to photograph on my drive home.  Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower and I love them mixed with Indian paintbrushes. 

Texas bluebonnets

Have you been to Warrenton or Roundtop? What was your favorite show and why? 

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  1. You're sure right about the eye candy, Cecilia. That mirror is amazing!

  2. Oh there were so many things they that I could add to collections. Fun, Fun, Jo

  3. I keep hearing how Upstate NY (my home) has the best antiques and vintage but after seeing your post, I am wanting to take a trip to Texas! Gorgeous stuff, all appealing to my sense of vintage. Just picked up my first piece of jadeite... a plate at a thrift store.

  4. I'm drooling over all these gorgeous displays, love the colors. I can only imagine how much there is to see and do. Thanks for the tips.

  5. I have been several times to the spring show. The road between Round Top and Warrenton is my favorite. Also, all of the outlying towns (Carmine, Ledbetter, Giddings, etc.) have big setups too! If you want to spend the night anywhere close next time book your reservations now. There are some great B&Bs close by. And, Royers has the best pies in the world. Did you go to Junk Gypsies?

  6. Ooooh I want to go so much. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  7. Beautiful review Cecilia. I have always wanted to go to Round Top, but never have. All the displays are so beautiful, I know it was hard not to want everything.
    The bluebonnets and Indian paint brushes are beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. What a great show, Cecilia--looks like so much fun. Sounds very similar to Brimfield, held nearby in MA with multiple venues over various days 2 or 3 times a year. LOVE you bluebell photo!

  9. Oh Cecilia, what a fabulous show filled with delightful treasures :) Thank you so much for sharing a portion with us. Happy Monday to you. Hugs!

  10. This show is so filled with goodies that I was practically drooling on my computer. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Hugs! Dianne

  11. I would just love to go to this show! Such eye candy, oh my. Thank you for sharing with "Let's Talk Vintage!

  12. What beautiful finds!! The pink and white set would be fun to have!

  13. Oh my, I have always wanted to go to Round Top. On my bucket list! Love, love the jadite and the kitchen displays are simply gorgeous! Especially love the red and white! I have a few pieces of the pin and white gooseberry and love them for Spring. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. Ann (above poster) has hit all of the highlights! Be sure that you take in Zapp Hall! RedneckChic
    sets up there, and always has all sorts of goodies! Thanks for a great post and that mirror is AMAZING!!
    Be blessed,
    PS: sometime you need to take your readers on a tour of Gibson's and the Hometown Crafts store there in Kerrville ;^)

    1. Oh yeah....and we also need to visit Smitten in Freds'burg with you :^)

  15. I love arm chair traveling with you! I would have blown more than the grocery budget for sure! That red and white kitchen setup reminded me of my Polish grandmother--my mother's kitchen was red and white when I was a child ('50's). I think one of the reasons vintage appeals to me as it takes me back to simpler times!


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