Refresh Your Home: My Happy Accident

Happy Wednesday Friends! As self prescribed therapy I have been in somewhat of a painting frenzy--my goal is to refresh my home while also keeping my sanity!  After completing my dining
and living rooms, the hallway was next.  Here is the previous mocha color:

Paint fail turned success

The shade I pictured in my mind was a pale robin's egg hue. I wish I could tell you I got it right the first time, but my first attempt was an epic fail! The mixed paint color matched the paint swatch which looked perfect held against the wall. However, I did not anticipate how the lighting or lack of in the narrow hallway would affect the color when actually on the walls.  While the daylight color was acceptable, at night  the color under my hall lighting glowed an eerie pistachio green--I kid you not! Unfortunately, in my zeal to finish I did not realize this until I completed the whole hallway! The good news is I do have a happy ending that happened almost on accident...

Paint fail turned success

Since I did have gray paint left and am also completely smitten with the color, I decided to repaint, again! I knew right away I was going to like it.  For some reason it doesn't have a noticeable difference under lighting--thank you, God! 

Paint fail turned success

I was humming along and just about to paint the final wall when I noticed how lovely the robin's egg looked against the gray.  This is the smallest wall at the end of the hallway and also not under any direct lighting.  So I resolved that like its owner, my hallway could be a little quirky. End result--my hallway has its own accent wall. Can you believe this is the same shade as the second picture?!

Paint fail turned success

Here you can see how the accent wall looks with the gray on the other side of the bedroom door.

Paint fail turned success

Have you had any painting mishaps or happy accidents lately? Sharing is caring! 

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